Product Review of the Playstation 3.

We asked our panel of UK consumers to review their Playstation 3, what they like and dislike about the console, and how they would rate certain features. There seemed to be a generally positive feeling towards the Playstation 3, as the average overall score for the console came in at just over 8 of 10. Jason, from Barnstaple, said “the Playstation 3 has been a solid back bone member of my family for a few years” – as the majority of the panel considered themselves to be casual gamers, using the Playstation on a daily basis for watching television on demand.

[easychart type=”horizbar” height=”200″ title=”What type of gamer would you consider yourself?(%)” groupnames=”Casual Gamer,Hardcore Gamer,Parent of a Gamer” valuenames=”Type of Gamer” group1values=”83.02″ group2values=”9.43″ group3values=”7.55″]

Only 9.43% of the panel considered themselves to be hardcore gamers. As you can see from the graph below, the graphics quality of the Playstaton was rated very highly by our Playstation 3 owners. One of the reasons many of the panel chose the Playstation over the Xbox was due to the superiority in terms of the graphics quality. Many felt that the Playstation also has a much faster processor, leading to a better gaming experience.

[easychart type=”horizbar” height=”200″ title=”How our panel rated the following features of Playstation 3″ groupnames=”Design/build of the console,Value for money,Graphics Quality” valuenames=”Feature” group1values=”8″ group2values=”7.2″ group3values=”8.2″]

When it came to the design and build of the Playstation 3, on average our panel rated the console highly with a score of 8, with a number of the panel referring to the Playstation 3 as a reliable and durable console. Although when it came to value for money, the Playstation scored slightly lower at 7.2, with mixed feelings about the high ticket prices attached to game consoles.

Other features commented on by the panel included the familiarity of the Playstation design, that it was easy to upgrade through the Playstation generations. A number of the panel found themselves using the Playstation 3 for more than just gaming; they also liked the functions of the on demand television, including LoveFilm, Netflix and a number of on demand television; as well as the internet search functions, a number commented that they would tend to use their Playstation more than their laptop now.