Valentine’s Day – Romantic or Commercial?

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and we asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of Valentine’s Day – whether they perceive it as a romantic day or whether they think it has been ruined by commercialisation. The Panel were on the whole split down the middle when it came to Valentine’s Day, as many felt that the day was amplified by profit making organisations.

Although, the majority did find themselves celebrating the day, even if only in a small way. It seemed that although they did not necessarily agree with over-commercialisation of the day, they felt that core meaning was nice and something they could not not celebrate. A number commented that really you shouldn’t need a corporate holiday to tell someone that you love them. On the other hand, others felt that it was nice to take time out of our busy lifestyles to acknowledge what is important to us.

Do you buy Valentines Day presents. excelDo you buy Valentines Day cards. excelOf those surveyed, only 57% commented that they look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. 82% of our panel said they would be buying a Valentine’s Day card this year, in comparison to 67% who will be buying presenting this year. As many of our panel found themselves getting just a card or a small token, as they felt pressured into getting there loved ones a present on this specific day. Although there was a general theme that our panel felt it was wrong to make others feel pressured into celebrating the day. The majority of the panel will be spending £20 to £39, with only a small amount commenting that they would be spending more than £60.

Of those that tended not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a number felt that awkward around the time of year, as almost every company has Valentine’s Day related advertising. Louise from Brighton said that she felt Valentine’s Day is “over publicised, anyone who doesn’t have a date, i.e me, feels left out”. Paul from Plymouth specifically commented on the large volume of promotional material he had been receiving over the past few weeks for Valentine’s Day, although the deals seemed to still be more expensive then eating out on an average day. With a general consensus that although Valentine’s Day is now a profit making day for many organisations, it’s still a holiday the majority of our panel would find themselves celebrating.

Watch some responses from our panel.