6 reasons to see The LEGO Movie this week.

The LEGO Movie, ‘the story of a nobody that saves everybody’, hits cinemas across the UK this Friday, as if any more persuasion is needed, our vox poppers have pulled together a list of the 6 reasons The LEGO Movie should be on your agenda this weekend.



See what our panel think of The LEGO Movie:

The 6 reasons you should be seeing The LEGO Movie this week:

1. Family time. We lead busy lives, where family time is increasing hard to come across, let’s put some time aside to watch a movie that all the family will actually enjoy!

2. For your inner child. For all those childhood memories of LEGO; making little houses, or spaceships, or cars – see them come to life in 3D!

3. It’s stop motion. It will be an impressive bit of animation, for lovers of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run!

4. There’s an amazing cast. Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett to name a few – a great cast with a great story line, will you get this chance again any time soon?

5. It will make you laugh. Lots. It’s not just for kids, like any great children’s films there are those clever gags and funny undertones.

6. And let’s face it, taken or single – you will not have a better Valentine’s Day.