Will you be watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

We asked our panel of UK consumers whether they will be tuning in to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi this weekend, and if so which events they are most looking forward to seeing. 61% said they were excited for the Winter Olympics and would be following a number of different events.

The most popular events amongst our panel included the ski jump, figure skating, and curling. Although the most popular event was bobsleigh, with 38% specifically commenting that they were most looking forward to watching the bobsleigh. A number felt that the Winter Olympics was worthwhile watching because focussed on a lot of sports that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to watch.

Although with the controversy around the Winter Olympics being held in Russia, many commented that they would not be supporting the events due to certain laws and policies in Russia – that such a worldwide, inclusive event should not have been hosted in Russia. Although others disagreed, commenting on how hard the athletes have worked for this and that they should not be penalised because because of the hosting country. Others were not planning on tuning into the Olympics because they were not a fan of Winter Sports in general, and much preferred the Summer Olympics.

10% said they would probably watch some, be won’t be specifically turning there TV on in pursuit of seeing the Winter Olympics. A number felt that the Winter Olympics had not been very well covered in the media, that they were not sure what channels were broadcasting the games or when it starts.

See what our panel thought: