The 5 reasons our panel won’t be watching the ‘Anything4u’ advert again.

With the latest Hotels4u advert , it seemed there was a lot to hate and not a lot to love amongst our panel. From the accent to the brightly coloured characters, a large majority of our panel felt that newest Hotels4u advert was a poor attempt at creating a viral advert. Many compared the level of annoyance of the advert to that of the GoCompare advert.



The 5 reasons the majority of our panel won’t be watching the Hotels4u advert again:

1.     The accent yow. It was referred to as awful, annoying, and even horrendous; with a number of the panel agreeing that it was “kind of insulting to people from Birmingham”.


2.     The characters, more specifically their outfits. Many panel members were put off by the idea of booking a hotel through Hotels4u if the other guests in the hotel are anything like those in the advert.

Hotels4u Anthing4u

3.     The desperate attempt to be a funny version of Trivago. A similar concept of a couple booking a romantic holiday together, with the man trying to find the perfect hotel for their partner; however many of our panel didn’t see the amusing side.

Hotels4u Anything4u

4.     It’s cringy, it’s cheesy, but all for the wrong reasons. A large number of the panel felt that it was really a watch-once kind of advert, with many agreeing that next time they saw the advert they would be likely to turn the TV off.

Hotels4u Anything4u

5.     It’s the new GoCompare! There was a direct comparison made between the two brands trying to create characters that sink into the public conscience, but it seems this may have back fired with one panel member going as far to say “I’m going to avoid the Hotel4u brand at all cost”.

Hotels4u Anything4u GoCompare

But it’s just a bit of fun, it’s surely memorable, and it’s got people talking about Hotels4u! It seemed a small proportion of the panel enjoyed the fun element; it’s a simple advert, you don’t have to decode a deeper meaningful message, and it’s cheerful.

Watch some responses from our panel.