Furniture Village

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the Furniture Village brand, what they liked about the brand and what they disliked. It seemed 71% of our panel felt generally positive towards the Furniture Village brand.

What our panel felt that Furniture Village are doing well on the whole is the range of products available, the large volume of stock for any home, with a number of trusted brands. Most of the panel had seen recent advertising from Furniture Village, although felt that they should really be doing more to advertise and rival their competitors. There was a general theme that Furniture Village are not doing enough to differentiate themselves, that they are not clearly defined as a brand. A number of the panel commented on not knowing who the brand is specifically aimed at.

There were very mixed opinions when it came down to the customer service, some referred to their previous experiences as ‘fantastic’, others had been put off by the pushy sales technique of the service. Although it seemed to be the delivery cost and time that Furniture Village really need to improve, with many commenting that they wait was just too long, and if there had been a mistake in delivery, it would take far too long to resolve the issue.

The majority of the panel seemed impressed with the wide range of products available at Furniture Village; however they were split when it came to pricing. Some felt that you could get a really good deal at Furniture Village on a number of quality items, especially during the sales periods. Others felt that in comparison to competitors they were much overpriced.

Watch some responses from our panel.