Ryanair vs Easy Jet

It seems there is a clear winner in this brand war, as easyJet are named the better airline by 91% of our panel. Many felt they had always had a better experience with easyJet, with more cleaner spacious planes, and friendlier staff.

The majority felt that although easyJet would initially come across as a more expensive choice, they were far more transparent with their pricing. That Ryanair have a large amount of add ons, and end up to be a far more expensive flight in the end.

It was clear that Ryanair was seen as a ‘bad’ brand by our panel, with a number of panel members commenting that they will always try to get as much money from you as possible, and that there are extra charges every step of the way. 18% commented that seeing interviews with Michael O’Leary had put them off the Ryanair

However Helal, 27, from Walsall said “they are budget airlines, you shouldn’t expect too much from them, in terms of service and services. The facilities there will be minimum, it’s simply to get you from one place to the other.” With only a small proportion of the panel agreeing that you should have minimal expectations if you are going to fly with a budget airline, therefore they would be happy to fly with either airline.

Watch some responses from our panel.