Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi

It’s the age old battle of Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi, and in terms of market share it is clear that Coca-Cola won’t be losing number 1 spot any time soon.  However we wanted to know personally to our panel member’s which they preferred, in terms of the drink and the overall brand.

58% of our panel preferred the Coca-Cola beverage to Pepsi, as many commented that they felt the ‘diet’ varieties had a better taste. There was a general feeling that Coca-Cola had a higher amount of availability, in terms of restaurants and fast-food chains. The product placement of Coca-Cola within supermarkets and newsagents was also commented on. Many felt they were placed right in front of your face, as if it is always your first choice, as well as many newsagents having Coca-Cola branded fridges.

Although 42% did disagree and feel that Pepsi provides the better cola beverage. Helal from Walsal felt that “Pepsi tastes more wholesome, it tastes thicker, it’s bubblier and frothier “. Although the panel was almost split evenly on the taste, there was a clear winner when it came to the overall brand reputation. 92% felt that Coca-Cola had the better brand, with 20% commenting on the power of their Christmas campaigns – that Christmas does not start until you have seen the Christmas advert.

There was a majority feeling that Coca-Cola tend to advertise a lot more, through sponsorship and powerful branded adverts. Especially in comparison to Pepsi, where many commented that Pepsi need to advertise more to compete. Pepsi was seen to be on offer more by our panel, and of those that were in different to the brand they would always go for the cheaper option. Interestingly a small proportion of the female panel referred to themselves as ‘Coke girls’ that they had and always would choose coke.

Watch some responses from our panel.