Brand Review: Asda

With almost half of the panel commenting that they regularly shop in Asda, it is definitely a highly ranked supermarket for a large proportion of the panel. On the whole our panel were very happy with Asda; 68% were classed as promoters to the brand, with a number saying that they would always choose Asda over the other leading supermarkets.

There was a minimal amount of negativity towards Asda, with those who chose not to shop at Asda commenting that they had no problem with the brand and had previously had good experiences. There was a majority feeling among the panel that Asda was not just a shop for groceries, that they were big American-style shops that had a great range of clothes and home furnishings. There was a focus on the quality of Asda products still being relatively high in comparison to the low prices, with a large amount of good discounts through ‘roll-backs’.

We asked our panel as part of the review where they felt Asda could improve, on the whole the panel felt that Asda could do with having a loyalty card or scheme like Sainsbury’s or Tesco, where they can collect points for different types of rewards.

There were mixed reviews when it came to ‘Black Friday’, as a number of the panel had said they went to see what deals were available. Some felt that there was a lot on offer, and that it was great having a day of sales so close to the Christmas period. Although, others felt like there was not a lot actually on offer and they were forced into a number of queues.

Watch some responses from our panel.