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What’s The Solution to MRX’s Open-end Challenges?

Market researchers today are well seasoned in the ever-present debate of open vs. closed-end questions.

We all know that information gathered from years of studies and practice have revealed definitive advantages and disadvantages for both question types.

However, during the last 15 years of online, self-completed data collection, some of these given pros and cons have shifted thanks to the development and emergence of new enabling technologies.

For instance, let’s take the key challenges of the text open-ends, and later see how new technology (in the form of video) has solved it’s pain points - significantly reducing the drawbacks it once carried.

Some challenges of text-based open-ends:

  • Current open box questions look uninviting, and respondents see them as a long, mundane task when integrated into the survey alongside their closed-ended compatriots.

  • They’re not the most effective format and rarely allow respondents to share their stories fully.

  • Analysis of text-based responses has always been the biggest pain to this question type. The lack of structure and consistency often dampens the value of this form of data collection.

So what’s the solution?

Video open-ends.

The video format has rejuvenated open-ended questions and given researchers more to think about when choosing which question types they wish to ask respondents.

Why video open-ends?

Thanks to technology, video open-ends are now easily accessible and present an opportunity for researchers to collect richer insight through an enhanced format.

Ultimately, this provides researchers with a simple way to hurdle the drawbacks of text open-ends - offering a more impactful alternative.

How does video solve the challenges of text-based open-ends?

Video open-ends have addressed the problems of text-based open-ends by:

  • Creating an exciting new way for respondents to share their stories, making it easier to voice their opinion - Find out “why consumers love video” here.

  • Video open-ends deliver 6x more content and 65% more themes vs. text.

  • New, powerful analytics software mean video’s drawbacks (scaling difficulties, labour intensity and complexity of analysis) are now a thing of the past! Video insight can now be analysed at scale thanks to super-fast human transcription, sentiment analysis and advanced theme exploration.

What’s next?

This article is only scratching the surface of the power of video open-ends. If you’d like to dig deeper and see how you could benefit from video agile video research, get started with your free step-by-step guide to video by hitting the button below…