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Voxpopme launches new video insight features at TMRE

Voxpopme were delighted to be exhibiting at TMRE in Florida last month. The event was buzzing with a jam-packed track program and loads of engaged delegates. It also gave us the opportunity to demo our newest platform features to a live audience.

It was clear from the conversations we had that storytelling and driving action in the boardroom were high on the agenda for attendees. As a result, our ‘Annotations’ and ‘Custom Text’ features really resonated with researchers looking to build visual stories with video research.

Check out the short message below from Dave Carruthers, Voxpopme CEO, to find out how analysing and sharing video just got even easier.

So, to recap, our latest features are as follows:

Our New Analysis Feature

Voxpopme’s Annotations feature is perfect for observational tagging. Now you can tag behaviours, movements, facial expressions, product use and more with an annotation on the precise millisecond they take place. Gone are the days of painstaking time coding too - build showreels based on your chosen tags to bring consistent actions, from hours of footage, to life in minutes.

Our New Sharing Feature:

Voxpopme’s Custom Text Slides give you the power to transform your video insights into a compelling story. Add intro slides, outro slides and intersperse slides to build a narrative in your consumer videos. Customise the size and positioning to give it a unique feel and a professional look that will be perfect for your next big presentation.

So there you have it - two simple-to-use additions that make video even easier to work with.

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