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Voxpopme launches new ‘Moments’ app for agile video diary studies

Video research innovator Voxpopme today launched a new, dedicated app-based qualitative solution, specifically for diary studies, called Moments.

Available for iOS and Android, the Moments app will enable researchers to seamlessly run video diary studies by inviting consumers to respond to questions and tasks via videos recorded across any number of days and weeks.

Researchers invite respondents to the app by providing a unique study code. This grants access to questions, further instructions, media links and survey links - making in-store shop-alongs, product experiences and more possible in any diary study.

Studies using Moments can be deployed instantly, with flexibility regarding length of video response, duration of study and recruitment. Researchers will also benefit from Voxpopme’s automated analytics, enabling ongoing in-app engagement between researcher and respondent based on real-time insights.

Moments complements Voxpopme’s array of video capture solutions which provide agile end-to-end video tools for both qualitative and quantitative researchers through innovative technology driven research solutions.

Dave Carruthers, Founder & CEO at Voxpopme commented:

“Video diary studies have long been a vital tool for qualitative researchers looking to understand the daily lives of consumers. Voxpopme Moments, the latest addition to our growing suite of video solutions, is designed to turn this tried and tested method into an agile solution. Moments will allow video diaries to be launched immediately and, when paired with our instant analytics, it will enable real-time analysis and engagement with respondents.”

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