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Video Open-ends Transform Consumer Mobiles into Powerful Insight Tools

Insight is one of those words that has been thrown around in the market research industry so much that people have become desensitised to its value and sceptical of companies claiming to “reveal key insight” or otherwise.

It’s a shame really, there are so many great market research companies and agencies out there that actually (brace yourself) reveal key insights.

In today’s increasingly complex world, the consumer has constantly changing preferences and is shorter for time than ever. Therefore, the key to finding crucial insight is to move with the times.

However, thanks to technology and thought leadership in the market research space, we have found new exciting methods for survey design, advanced quant/qual methods, adaptation of gamification or simply reaching the consumer on the right platform such the rise of mobile surveys.

Oxford dictionary definition of insight

“The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.”

Our definition of Insight

The ability to learn something new, accurate and meaningful about something or someone that gives researchers that eye-opening, spine-tingling, Aha! or Eureka moment!

Ours sounds a bit more exciting, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because we have seen substantial impact thanks to the power of video and advanced analytics that have finally made video open-ends easy to capture, quick to analyse at scale and effortless to share.

We’re talking about the ability to get rich Qual research captured via video, in 1st person, straight from the consumer’s smartphone! When combined with high-speed analysis that automatically segments videos into key themes, we begin to see how we can quickly build a narrative from our videos.

Here are some of the many uses of video open-ends.

Video is emotional

Ad testing - Capture the real emotion through video. Let consumers watch the ad and then ask them to provide a short self-recorded video of how they truly felt about the ad so you can see them face-to-face (virtually).

Video is powerful

Brand tracking, NPD, market testing - Let your customers reveal how they truly feel about your brand’s recent activity, campaign or performance via video. It’s been proven that video open-ends deliver 6X more content and 65% more themes than text open-ends.

Video is convenient

Ethnographies, focus groups, interviews and other observational studies - the new video open-ended method where consumers use their own digital devices to record themselves makes it easier for both the consumer and researcher.

Consumers can conduct the survey in the comfort of their own home or elsewhere at a time that pleases them. And for researchers, it means reducing the cost of hiring interviewers, camera crews and other necessary labour.

Below is an example of a shopper study, where we asked our On-Demand community to show us their favourite supermarket display and tell us why they thought it was an effective display.

So as you can see, video open-ends transform consumers smartphones into powerful insight tools which supercharge surveys by giving the consumer the ability to portray their emotion, and the freedom to conduct the study in the way that seems natural to them, thus, reducing biases and most importantly revealing decision pivotal insights!

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