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US Election: The determined, despondent and undecided American citizens

The end is near. It’s been an arduous 18 months of campaigning, debates, rallies and ensuing political arguments between strangers across the US.

However, one thing really stands out - there remains a mixture of confused emotions in the air as Americans congregate in polling stations for the most decisive part of the campaign. Fueled by immigration policies, the importance of globalisation, healthcare concerns, economic uncertainty and countless scandals, US citizens have rarely been embroiled in such a chaotic presidential race.

The multiple controversies surrounding both Trump and Clinton have had a substantial impact on voters. They’ve alienated many citizens entirely, caused mass indecision in others and even made the most avid supporters switch their allegiance away from parties they have long supported.

There will always be determined, core supporters of both sides, but Voxpopme’s recent video poll revealed that it is the ‘undecided’ and ‘non-voting’ individuals that will prove decisive in this election. In our pre-election poll their video feedback showed that their voting motivation is sadly driven by many more negative influences than we would typically expect. But if it’s not the policies driving change for either candidate, then what is it?

On numerous occasions, video respondents found themselves not necessarily choosing who they want to be president of the United States, rather voting against the candidate they did not want.

“It doesn’t give me any pleasure to say that, I just think he’s the better choice for the country. I just don’t trust Hillary at all” Lecretia, 30 - St. Augustine (Democrat)

“[Trump] is not someone I can look up to. The way he treats women is really unacceptable.Tierra, 23 - Denver (Republican)

I would have to vote for Hillary. I am not very political, but just from watching the debates, it scares me. I think Donald Trump has a brilliant business mind. But I don’t think he has the ability to control himself.” Kathleen, 56 - Prospect Park (Republican)

In fact, an astonishing 34% of Republicans* either intend to switch to Hillary, not vote, or make a last minute judgement call. Although only 5% of Democrats have expressed their intention of changing their vote to Trump, there was much more uncertainty in who to vote for. Among the Democrats surveyed, 27% were unsure or not voting, compared to 22% of Republicans.

Respondents registered as independent are left divided and despondent with 66% either unsure (31%) or not voting at all (35%).

With the polls close, the probable election outcome is still very much undetermined. Voxpopme will be capturing live video reactions from citizens across the United States as the new President is announced.

*All statistics are based on 901 US citizens surveyed by Voxpopme