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UK Net Promoter Score Brand Tracker

Net Promoter Scores are a quick and easy way of discovering how your brand is perceived by consumers; by subtracting the detractors from the promoters, you can instantly see whether your brand is perceived favourably by consumers and where in fits in relation to others.

However, where Net Promoter Score analysis succeeds, it also fails, in the simplicity of the analysis. All the Net Promoter Score analysis provides you with is a number, there is no ‘why’ behind the score. Therefore it becomes hard to understand exactly why your detractors have scored you poorly. If you can’t understand the score how are you meant to go about changing it? This becomes a problem when you are unable to truly understand and harness your brand advocates.

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Below you will find our very own Net Promoter Score brand tracking leader board. This is updated regularly with NPS scores from a number of household brands. Below is the leader board, unsurprisingly the highest scoring brand at the moment is Apple.

Come back and check in with us from time to time to track how large household brands are perceived by UK consumers.

Top rated brands by UK consumers:

Brand NPS 2014
Apple +62.4 27th March
Amazon +55.12 25th June
Barclays +35.3 16th July
eBay +31.16 6th March
Alton Towers +26.06 16th June
Costa Coffee +17.17 25th June
Wagamama +16.92 19th March
Samsung +16.75 9th May
Premier Inn +14.14 18th March
Sky +9.79 28th February
Halifax +9.09 16th July
Innocent +6.79 5th May
Next +1.13 19th June
HSBC +7.15 16th July
Lloyds -0.1 16th July
Centre Parcs -3.56 8th June
Tesco -3.88 19th March
Hilton Hotel -3.93 29th July
Primark -7.19 23rd April
First Choice -9.38 12th May
Natwest -9.87 16th July
Vue Cinema -10.35 17th June
Premier Inn -11.77 29th July
Homebase -12.03 1st June
O2 -14.29 19th June
Subway -18.18 10th July
Microsoft -23.14 30th April
Kwik Fit -23.96 25th March -28 10th June
Waitrose -28 11th July
Holiday Inn -32.67 29th July
McDonald’s -32.88 10th July
Travelodge -33.99 29th July
KFC -41.57 10th July
EasyJet -42.53 24th March
Nokia -52.51 30th April
Burger King -58.74 10th July
Ryanair -60.59 18th March
Chrysler -66.01 28th May
Monarch Airlines -67.17 24th March
Flybe -74.62 24th March
Wonga -90.65 29th June