Tracking Studies

Transform traditional brand trackers with Video

Take a better measurement of your brand's health with agile video feedback. Embed video questions into your existing tracking studies, or request follow-up responses, to reveal the 'why' behind changes in trends.

Tracking Studies

Tracking Studies, in a Nutshell

It’s no longer enough to just track changes and be aware of them. In today’s world, you also need to understand why these changes are occurring and what they mean - and that’s something that is easier said than done. By embedding video questions into your existing tracking studies, or requesting video follow up responses, you can start to better understand the “why” behind changes in trends, giving much deeper insights than you would get with just a text-box.

Why Video?

Deepening your ongoing quantitative survey results with qual video responses allows you to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, track sentiment, illuminate key findings and easily detect shifts in attitudes. Armed with these in-depth insights, you can make informed decisions and back up your results with rich qualitative feedback and be confident your studies deliver real value rather than just report results.

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