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Top 10 Market Research Blogs 2017

We’re just over a quarter of the way into 2017, and big things are happening in the market research (MR) industry! With an abundance of exciting technological advancements and new insights being discovered daily, staying up-to-date is becoming more important than ever.

So, our team has done their research (more research!) and compiled a list of the top 10 MR blogs you should follow in 2017. Stay tuned to these blogs to follow the latest news, advancements, and insights from across the industry!

1. Flex MR
Frequency: 3-4 posts monthly

Summary: Stay up-to-date on a variety of trends in the research industry - from virtual reality methodologies to the role of MR in the economic market. Be prepared to learn something new in every post!

2. Greenbook
Frequency: Daily

Summary: The classic, staple research blog for those in the industry to follow. Biggest highlight: key takeaways from industry leaders about conferences from around the globe! Do keep an eye out for their other educational content as well - their webinars are well worth your time.

3. Research-Live
Frequency: Every other day

Summary: Need an easy, reliable source to uncover news and opinions from MR firms? Look no further! Research-Live’s blog breaks the news on new partnerships, leaders, and advancements across the entire industry.

4. Vision Critical
Frequency: Twice monthly

Summary: While this blog may only post about twice a month, each post packs a punch full of knowledge and advice for setting up successful surveys. From highlighting consumer groups to target to identifying unique strategies for boosting engagement, this blog has the tips and tricks we all need reminders of sometimes!

5. ZappiStore
Frequency: 3-4 posts monthly

Summary: Our go-to blog for trendy, interesting posts ranging from live testing Superbowl Sunday advertisements to an array of current research trends and predictions. With opinion articles, a news stream, webinars, and research blogs, the ZappiStore blog has a little bit of everything to satisfy any audience.

6. Market Research Institute International (MRII)
Frequency: Twice monthly

Summary: Where better to learn a thing or two about current insight trends and find helpful tips and tricks for setting up your next project than the MRII itself! Beyond offering expert courses for research certifications, MRII’s blog offers monthly posts about ongoings in the field by a variety of leaders in the industry.

7. QuestionPro
Frequency: Multiple times a week

Summary: If you’re driven by improving customer engagement in various fields or creating better insights and analytics, QuestionPro needs to be your next stop for useful advice. Combined with interesting findings through their own community and new technological advancements in the field, this blog will get those creative juices flowing for your next study!

8. SSI
Frequency: Daily

Summary: A little bit of everything for us research folks! From panel engagement feedback or survey building tips to Q&A sessions with market research industry leaders, SSI’s blog offers daily articles that are a definite must-read. Look no further if you want to stay up-to-date with the industry insights over your morning cup of coffee.

9. Nielsen
Frequency: Multiple daily posts

Summary: Nielsen’s blog is labelled “Insights” for a great reason - it is always updating with new research findings and movements. It is definitely a blog to keep in your back pocket for a quick reference into current market and panel trends.

10. Innovate

Frequency: Daily

Summary: And last, but certainly not least, a newer blog our team has been following. Not only does Innovate’s blog include helpful articles on survey building or panel engagement, there is also a plethora of webinars and podcasts to keep you updated on the current ins and outs of market research. Innovate’s blog is a must-read blog for an entertaining and creative approach to furthering your knowledge in various parts of conducting research.

Honorable Mentions
We must include a couple of blogs as honorable mentions, as well, that you should check out:

Frequency: Weekly

Summary: Our partners, Affectiva, have a pretty robust blog on their brand new website. The copy is as good as the new look and feel of the site so be sure to stop by and discover the latest news in the world of emotional analytics.

The Relevant Insights Daily
Frequency: Always updating!

Summary: A simple hashtag search makes it easier to find relevant and interesting content.

C Space
Frequency: Weekly

Summary: New market research study results and data that could aid in ideas for your next project.

Frequency: Weekly

Summary: New MR features guest posts from global leaders in the research industry, reviewing everything from recent research findings to current practices in the field.


And, of course, keep your eye out for more blog posts coming from the Voxpopme team in the coming months. We may be a bit biased, but every month there seems to be an interesting new post about important dates to keep in mind or trailblazing video research features!