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Always Like a Girl  

What does #LikeAGirl mean to you?

Niamh Jones - 08/07/2014

“I got told the other day that I wasn’t like other girls… That that was a compliment that I wasn’t like other girls. But why should being a girl be a bad thing?” – Esther, 18, London When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become a bad thing? The latest advert from Always, well almost short […]

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Lipstick Brands UK Consumers  

What lipstick should you purchase next?

Rebecca Jackson - 07/07/2014

See below video reviews from UK consumers on their favourite and recommended lip products. We asked some members of our panel to show us applying their favourite lipstick. We wanted to know why it was their favourite lip product and if they thought that it provided good value for money. We received some great responses […]

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Gillette 100 Years of Hair  

Gillette – 100 Years of Hair

Rebecca Jackson - 07/07/2014

Gillette is celebrating 100 Years of being at the forefront of male grooming with their latest advert. Gillette demonstrates how their razors have evolved over the years to keep up with the latest shaving trends. Gillette have packed in 100 years of different grooming styles into this one minute advert, giving the viewer the impression […]

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Face Washing Routines Unmasked

Niamh Jones - 13/06/2014

We selected a small sample of UK consumers to take part in a few video diary-esque VoxPopMe responses over the course of a week. These particular tasks were based around the consumption of their face wash. Not just identifying what brands they use or where they purchase their face washes from. We wanted to discover their usage habits, […]

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Deodorant Spray  

The Most Popular Deodorant Brands in the UK

Niamh Jones - 22/05/2014

A recent VoxPopMe survey discovered the most popular deodorant brands for UK consumers, not just through a tick box quantitative survey, but through user-generated mobile market research straight from UK consumers. See our panel show clearly on camera their preferred deodorant brand, and explain exactly why they have opted for that brand. On the whole, […]

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