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Tesco Mobile Goldie Cycle Commute  

Has Goldie struck gold with our panel?

Niamh Jones - 28/04/2014

The latest advert from Tesco Mobile has kept up with their current brand image; of a fun, creativity affordable and economical brand. A light-hearted and humorous advert, from a light hearted brand. Tesco Mobile have taken to the preconceived view that when most people think of Tesco Mobile they have low expectations, that people don’t […]

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o2 net promoter score  

O2 score averagely in their most recent Net Promoter Score

Niamh Jones - 01/04/2014

As we begin quarter 2 of the calender year, we heard from our panel of UK consumers that are current O2 customers; what they think of the O2 brand, how likely they are to recommend O2 to a friend or relative, and what O2 could do to increase their brand rating. It seems that O2 […]

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The Call - Vodafone  

Vodafone – The Call

Niamh Jones - 28/03/2014

77% of our emergency services are on Vodafone. On one hand that’s an impressive statistic, it shows that Vodafone is not only a trusted brand by the consumer, but trusted when it comes to a life or death situation. The advert perceives them as reliable, reliable enough to be given to one of the most […]

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