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Ice Bucket Challenge  

The Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

Niamh Jones - 26/08/2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge has flooded our news feeds over the past week; with our friends, Facebook friends(there’s a difference) and people we half know, being drenched with ice cold water. A hilarious thought. But when every other post on our social media is a new Ice Bucket Challenge video, we asked our panel whether […]

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Social Media  

How to: handle your customers online.

Niamh Jones - 19/08/2014

Two-way conversation has never been easier between companies and consumers; as social media, smartphones, and tablets become an essential part to our daily living, it has certainly never been simpler for a brand to engage with a consumer. The opening of this two-way communication has made consumers more demanding when it comes to complaint handling. We […]

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Can Video Improve Online Dating?

Niamh Jones - 05/08/2014

As the world of dating turns cyber, is there a way to be more personal? At VoxPopMe, we believe in video. We believe it offers the full picture, enabling a truer understanding of the individual. Where is it more essential to understand the individual than online dating? We all hear the horror stories from friends, […]

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Facebook social experiment  

Facebook’s Social Experiment Stirs Emotions Amongst UK Consumers

Niamh Jones - 08/07/2014

In recent news, it came to light that Facebook had been manipulating nearly 700,000 of their users. This social experiment altered which emotional expressions the users would be subjected to; half of the users would see more positive updates, whereas the other half would see more negative. Facebook then found that those subjected to less negative Facebook […]

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VPM classic woman  

Why Should You Choose Mobile Over Online Surveys?

Niamh Jones - 17/06/2014

“Mobile respondents were not only more likely to initially respond to the survey invitation, but also provide high quality data”. A recent uSamp report uncovered the advantages of using mobile surveys over online surveys when it came to research on grocery shopping habits. It was clear from the report that not only is a mobile […]

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Brand Review: eBay  

eBay – The One Stop Shop

Niamh Jones - 07/03/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the eBay brand, 49.35% of the panel were considered promoters to the brand, scoring eBay a 9 or 10 out of 10. eBay was described as a very useful, trusted website by a large proportion of the panel, with a number commenting that they would always […]

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Brand Review of Just-Eat  

Just-Eat – the number one in the online takeaway market?

Niamh Jones - 28/02/2014

68% were considered promoters to the Just-Eat brand, this was mainly due to the ease of use of the Just-Eat service. It’s about the discovery of new places in your area that you might not have been aware of, not having to search round your house for that paper leaflet that was delivered earlier in […]

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Brand Review: Amazon  


Niamh Jones - 11/02/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers their opinion of the Amazon brand, what they liked about the brand and where they thought Amazon could improve their offering. A massive 81% were considered promoters to the Amazon brand, with a number of the panel going as far as to say that Amazon was one of […]

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What dress size should models be online?  

What dress size should models be online?

Niamh Jones - 09/01/2014

We asked 100 of our female VoxPopMe panel from across the U.K ‘What dress size should models be on clothing websites?’ – whether they preferred a one size fits all approach or thought models should come in a range of sizes.

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