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Why Should You Choose Mobile Over Online Surveys?

Niamh Jones - 17/06/2014

“Mobile respondents were not only more likely to initially respond to the survey invitation, but also provide high quality data”. A recent uSamp report uncovered the advantages of using mobile surveys over online surveys when it came to research on grocery shopping habits. It was clear from the report that not only is a mobile […]

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Tesco Mobile Goldie Cycle Commute  

Has Goldie struck gold with our panel?

Niamh Jones - 28/04/2014

The latest advert from Tesco Mobile has kept up with their current brand image; of a fun, creativity affordable and economical brand. A light-hearted and humorous advert, from a light hearted brand. Tesco Mobile have taken to the preconceived view that when most people think of Tesco Mobile they have low expectations, that people don’t […]

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o2 net promoter score  

O2 score averagely in their most recent Net Promoter Score

Niamh Jones - 01/04/2014

As we begin quarter 2 of the calender year, we heard from our panel of UK consumers that are current O2 customers; what they think of the O2 brand, how likely they are to recommend O2 to a friend or relative, and what O2 could do to increase their brand rating. It seems that O2 […]

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