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How important are hotel reviews  

How important are hotel reviews?

Niamh Jones - 12/06/2014

Holidaymakers have recently been exposed for holding hoteliers’ hostage with the threat of bad reviews. In a recent VoxPopMe survey, we have discovered why UK consumers find hotel reviews so potent, and whether the use of video reviews could bring a new lease of life to reviews – making them more honest and trustworthy. It appears […]

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Brand Review of Premier Inn - including Net Promoter Score  

Premier Inn – The Budget Hotel Leader.

Niamh Jones - 08/04/2014

Premier Inn was recently rated the best UK hotel chain by our panel of UK consumers, looking closer at Premier Inn and the Premier Inn brand; discover what our panel of consumers believe that Premier Inn is doing right and where they need to improve their offering. On a recent Net Promoter Score survey, Premier […]

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Brand Review Holiday Inn  

Holiday Inn

Niamh Jones - 18/03/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the Holiday Inn brand, specifically thinking about their recent experiences at the hotel chain; what they think Holiday Inn are doing well, and where they need to improve their offering. On the whole the Holiday Inn brand was received well by our panel, with […]

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