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adidas vs nike  

Adidas vs Nike

Rebecca Jackson - 09/07/2014

Last night we witnessed the battle of the brands continue between Adidas and Nike in the World Cup. Germany (Adidas) battled it out with Brazil (Nike) to secure a place in the finale with Germany (Adidas) coming out on top. We wanted to ask our panel what their opinions are on the sport brand giants […]

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Luis Suarez ‘Biting’ Incident: The Public Opinion

Niamh Jones - 25/06/2014

FIFA have now announced the length of ban and size of fine Suarez will be facing. Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, has been banned from playing football for the next 4 months, and has been fined £66,000 for biting an opponent during the Italy Vs Uruguay match this week. We asked our panel of UK consumers […]

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the new england shirt 2014  

Is the new England match shirt worth £90?

Niamh Jones - 31/03/2014

The New England match shirt definitely got our panel talking; with the price tag of the shirt at £90 – it seemed the majority of our panel felt strongly about the price. The price of the match shirt was described as ‘ludicrous’, ‘unjustifiable’, ‘extortionate’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘a rip-off’ by almost all of our panel. Many […]

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