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Ice Bucket Challenge  

The Ice Bucket Challenge Craze

Niamh Jones - 26/08/2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge has flooded our news feeds over the past week; with our friends, Facebook friends(there’s a difference) and people we half know, being drenched with ice cold water. A hilarious thought. But when every other post on our social media is a new Ice Bucket Challenge video, we asked our panel whether […]

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No More Double Standards: #ViolenceisViolence

Niamh Jones - 27/05/2014

Mankind’s latest advert portrays extremely well the double standards when it comes to domestic violence. Two very similar scenes of violence; both of a man and woman in a relationship arguing in the street, the only thing different is who has the upper hand. What’s interesting is the general reaction to who has the upper […]

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We’ll get by with a little help from our friends

Niamh Jones - 14/05/2014

Dementia was described by one of our panel members as “one of the most painful illnesses to see a family member to go through”. This heart-warming advert from Dementia Friends brings to light an illness that many of us will not find ourselves talking about often. Almost all of our panel of UK consumers commented […]

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Fuck the Poor Pilion Trust  

Do we really care about the poor?

Niamh Jones - 08/04/2014

This very clever, and attention grabbing advert from Pilion Trust and Publicis makes you stop and think; we are willing to stand up to injustice towards those less fortunate but we’re less willing to help the poor through the means of charity. The advert was described as eye opening, with the majority of the panel […]

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Save the Children advert 90 seconds in a year 2014  

If London were Syria: Save the Children’s Hard-Hitting Advert

Niamh Jones - 18/03/2014

The latest Save the Children campaign saw a number of our panel taken back, with many expressing feelings of realisation and shock. The advert really brought home something that we are so disconnected to, emphasised with the tag line ‘just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening’. Many felt that the we […]

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Which charity is the best cause?  

Which charity is the best cause?

Niamh Jones - 09/01/2014

Bailey, 18, from Rochford said “I think one of the best charities is actually WaterAid, because it’s one of those things we really do take for granted. Clear water, just normal drinking water, we take for granted every single day.”

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