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Go Fun Yourself With Toyota Aygo

Rebecca Jackson - 22/07/2014

We asked our panel members to voice their opinions on the new advert from Toyota, which sees prankster Rahat becoming an invisible driver of a Toyota Aygo. The panel had mixed views on the advert with some finding it light hearted and very amusing whereas others didn’t quite understand the concept behind the ad or […]

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Googles Driverless car  

Are Driverless Cars the Future?

Niamh Jones - 03/06/2014

Last week, Google unveiled their driverless car – a car without steering, without peddles, and seemingly just a passenger car. We asked our panel of UK consumers what they thought of the concept of a driverless car, whether it is something they would consider driving or even purchasing in the future. “It’s always been the […]

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Chrysler Brand  

How UK Consumers Perceive the Chrysler Brand

Niamh Jones - 28/05/2014

The Chrysler brand didn’t seem to be a big hit with UK consumers; although many associated the brand with good quality, there was only a very low percentage of the panel that would recommend the Chrysler brand to a friend or family member. Interestingly, the proportion of the panel that were considered promoters to the […]

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Citroen DS3 advert  

Citroën a big hit with the award-winning DS3

Niamh Jones - 19/05/2014

Mobile market research is great for a number of different types of research, one in particular we’ve found is advert review testing – seeing how consumers react to the adverts, whether their sentiment is on the whole positive or negative, and how much they can really recall from the advert. What’s great about the Citroën […]

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Cult Cars  

Have we ruined cult cars?

Niamh Jones - 09/05/2014

When driving down the motorway, it’s rare you will see an old iconic or cult car – unless you happen to pass by the local Ford Mustang appreciation society. What you will more than likely drive by is the updated and modernised version of a classic cult car, like a Volkswagen Beetle or Mini Cooper. […]

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Jaguar advert 2014 british villains  

It’s Good To Be Bad With Jaguar

Niamh Jones - 15/04/2014

The latest advert from Jaguar tells us something we all know, all British people are evil. All the Hollywood movie villains are British, and they all drive Jaguars – should we as British people like the advert? Absolutely. Finally a brand is playing on the idea that British make the best villains! To top that […]

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Volkswagen 2014 Superbowl Advert: Wings  

4 reasons the latest VW advert really works

Niamh Jones - 05/02/2014

We asked our panel of UK consumers to review one of the latest adverts from Volkswagen. On the whole their was a positive feeling towards the advert and the Volkswagen brand, with 91% commenting on how much they enjoyed the advert.

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Brand Review: Toyota  


Niamh Jones - 08/01/2014

How would you describe Toyota in three words? Our panel was largely positive in relation to the overall Toyota brand, whether they are a Toyota owner or not it appears the Toyota is a brand to be trusted. 

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