How to help your consumers overcome survey fatigue

Survey fatigue is real. I see it all the time when I’m diving into surveys. The questions go on and on and on. Is this survey over yet? Nope! We are only at 3 percent complete, according to the little – literally – bar at the bottom.  It’s not making things easier that the design is horrible and the survey is hard to read.

While survey fatigue can affect our customers, it also affects us – the insights professionals. After all, we need customer feedback – their opinions and thoughts on updates to products and their customer experience in general. But when consumers are fatigued and aren’t taking the time to give us feedback, we are a long ways from gathering insights.

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Survey fatigue and the trouble with traditional surveys

“Please fill out this survey to give us your feedback” has been a common strategy. But when that turns into a never-ending game of 20 questions, no wonder consumers get tired of it.

Some surveys ask to provide more feedback through the written word. The idea is simple: It’s giving people the option to elaborate on their thoughts. But it also feels a bit like school. I’m a writer and I don’t like to write those out. Text-based surveys are often cumbersome, restrictive, and tricky to fill in.

Our best attempt to go beyond scores and scales has been open-ended questions that ask for written responses, with the idea being that text-based responses give people the chance to elaborate on their thoughts and feelings and give more insights than scores alone.

However, unfortunately, the reality is that text-based surveys are actually cumbersome, restrictive, and tricky to fill in – which only adds to mounting fatigue.

Can I just send you a quick selfie video with my response? I just got off a FaceTime call so I have some time.

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Open text boxes usually deliver responses of just three or four words and nearly always less than 50 characters. Or they are skipped completely.

As a result, questions go unanswered, participants become disengaged and survey fatigue continues to grow, and all the while researchers are still none the wiser on how they can understand, excite and engage their target audience. But there is another way…

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Video surveys to combat survey fatigue

Perhaps video surveys can help with survey fatigue.

Video market research gives your participants a new and easy way to share information.

A typical self-recorded video response is actually six to eight times longer than a text-based response.

Of course, it doesn’t feel that way to the consumer because they are just leaving a voice response into their phone.

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Video is a quick and easy way for people to express themselves and for you to get a real understanding of what drives them. It goes way beyond the confines of scores and rating scales by revealing the why behind the numbers.

Video surveys make your customers feel important

Video makes your customers feel like their opinions are important. That they are being listened to and that they are more than just data.

Easier for expression

Instead of answering closed questions or typing out tired text responses, video gives respondents a quick and easy way to express themselves.

It’s more personal than ticking boxes

Rather than just ticking boxes and getting lost in a sea of data, video adds a personal aspect to communication that engages respondents.

The speed

Video lets your respondents get to the point fast, so it can easily fit in around their busy lives.

Video responses can be recorded anytime, anywhere

Respondents can record video any time, any place, from their preferred digital device. That means that in-depth stories can be shared with ease and on the go. Or while sitting on the couch at home. Or during break at work. You get the idea!


Body language and facial expressions allow your respondents to show how they really feel. How do you read emotion in text-based answers? It’s a lot harder!

Younger audiences are used to video

Younger audiences are keen to express their opinions across various media and making a quick video reviewing a product or recounting an experience.

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Avoid survey fatigue like this…

Insights professionals can at times be nervous about how long video will take. However today’s video market research allows you to capture hundreds of videos from your target audience in less than an hour.

By just adding a simple block of code to whatever platform you’re using, you can integrate video-open ends and capture video insights alongside or after a survey to boost the impact of your results.

You can embed video open ends into any survey on any platform, website or app to enable video responses across any device – and you can even tap into our app that make video the entire survey and give you access to video feedback communities.

You can utilize video in a new or existing study, collect videos alongside or after a survey.

In just a few clicks you can capture, analyze and share compelling customer stories across an array of quant and qual studies to boost the impact of your results.

And once your videos have been recorded and uploaded, we’ll use time-coded, automated transcription to make analysis even easier for you.

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