Success story:

How Exterion used agile video to understand how commuters consume out-of-home advertising

Research Challenge

After winning TfL’s £1 billion advertising contract for the London Underground rail estate, out-of-Home advertising specialists, Exterion Media set out to heighten their understanding of commuters.

Quantitative studies had provided a high-level understanding of how people experienced this unique environment and indicated commuters may be better engaged with digital ads rather than static ads.

However, with a huge investment in new digital screens across 60 station platforms underway, Exterion wanted to further their investigation into consumer engagement with digital assets. Crucially, Exterion needed to add context to existing quantitative data to substantiate their findings and provide would-be advertisers with engaging commuter feedback that showed how commuters consume out-of-home advertising.



To achieve a richer understanding of London's commuters, Exterion utilized Voxpopme’s agile video solution to reveal the ‘why’ behind the numbers, exploring the motivations for engaging with digital ads in this influential audience.

With Voxpopme, Exterion was able to conduct a two agile, cost-effective qualitative studies. Over 200 self-recorded videos were shared by Londoners during and moments after their commutes. Each research stage collected videos across a period of 2 days, before Exterion’s team quickly extrapolated the results using Voxpopme’s video analytics technology.



Using agile video research helped Exterion see their product from a customer's point of view, without being hampered by the typical constraints of traditional video feedback.

Importantly, video provided findings that would have been difficult to capture in quantitative work alone. By allowing commuters share their experience in their own words, Exterion's team was able to build a comprehensive understanding of commuter language. Hearing about the quality of the technology, the environment and vibrancy of displays highlighted just how impactful these new displays were.

Voxpopme's automated theme and sentiment analytics substantiated these findings, highlighting a 40% uplift in positivity generated from full-motion ads vs. static.


Business Impact

Quick-turn video research enabled Exterion to build robust evidence which proves how and why their video screens are effective at engaging audiences.

Not only did real commuter videos help contextualise and add to quantitative data, they also simplified key messages and assisted storytelling. As a result, Exterion enhanced emotional connections between their clients and commuters, driving engagement from new and existing advertisers looking to increase spend on advertising assets.

With such emphatic validation for full-motion, digital advertising, Exterion is able to attract investment into richer, more engaging video ads.

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