Success story:

How Clorox uses Voxpopme to humanize consumer insight and make better business decisions

Research Challenge

The Clorox Company is a leading multinational manufacturer serving millions of customers across the globe. Clorox produces and markets some of the most trusted and recognized consumer brands and, as a result, holds dominant positions in an array of product categories, from cleaning products to pet care and everything in-between.

Maintaining this strong market position is no mean feat and requires diligent customer research to keep ahead of the competition through healthy relationships and innovative products. With this in mind, Clorox aims to discover where, how and why multiple brands and products fit into customers' lives. But, with a quant-heavy system in place, many of Clorox's insight teams wanted to allow customers to better articulate feedback beyond the confines of text, scores and rating scales. At the same time, they wanted to tell better research stories by socializing more impactful insight with Clorox leadership.


Voxpopme allowed Clorox to experience an incredible depth of insight by connecting with consumers through real-time video feedback. By embracing agile qualitative feedback, multiple insight teams for brands such as Kingsford Charcoal, Clorox Sprays, Burt's Bees, Glad and more were able to get closer to customers than ever before.

With end-to-end video research tools at their disposal, Clorox's researchers were able to run an array of agile qualitative studies including concept tests, shop-a-longs, quant/qual integrations, IHUTs, journey mapping and diary studies, adding depth and color to quantitative findings.


The path to finding a customer's 'why' is vastly reduced when allowing them to share their story via self-recorded video. And thanks to Clorox's ambitious global rollout of video feedback, it was possible to find the 'why' at speed and scale by revealing the emotions, behaviors and decisions involved in each interaction with Clorox and their brands.

By revealing the people behind the data and adding agile qual to a quant-heavy system, Clorox was able to identify opportunities to innovate and optimize products, services and experiences across multiple brands. Not only did this achieve the goal of more expressive, expansive customer feedback, but it also provided it in memorable format for all Clorox's stakeholders.

Business Impact

Humanizing research with video feedback helps Clorox to build better products and solve bigger problems for their customers. It's an approach that has brought Clorox closer to customers than ever before, and that goes for the whole organization, not just insight departments. 

By sharing an ongoing stream of customer videos on smartboards throughout the head office, Clorox ensures candid customer feedback gets the airtime it needs to influence strategic decisions. The increased reach provided by video ensures the customer is always front-of-mind for Clorox's senior executives, which only heightens the demand for video. As a result, Clorox continues to pioneer with agile video, using it in more and more projects, across a seemingly endless array of brands to tell better research stories, keep ahead of the curve, and maintain their dominant market position.

Want to be the next innovative brand to tap into video feedback? You'll be in good company.