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Secrets of a Highly Engaged Market Research Community

Let's face it, creating, growing and maintaining an engaged market research community is a resource intensive task. It requires a lot of planning, persistence and patience.

Here at Voxpopme, we view our community as important stakeholders - one of the pillars we pride ourself on and build our success upon.

We're not the only ones either.

Other companies such as Verve, Join the Dots and Vision Critical are charting the path for this community-centric approach. They are industry specialists in community panels and, amongst others, have often been our 'go to' for inspiration and direction when it comes to panel engagement. We've learnt many things from the aformentioned companies. Verve champion the involvement of customers in the decision making process, making sure their voice is being heard, and they continue to pioneer with gamification innovation.

So what's our secret to successfully building and maintaining a community?

Identifying panellists motivations and interests.

Once you identify someone's motivations, you can then provide them with content that fulfils that motivational factor.

The top motivational factors behind joining a community is to:

Make money -  the primary and most obvious reason.

Have fun - never underestimate the power of humorous and fun content to engage with your community. Let’s put the fun back in mrx.

Be heard - people want to know that they are making a difference so make sure they are aware their voice is heard.  

Be part of a community - the feeling of belonging to something is in our human nature, and if branded well (as Apple does) this could prove to be powerful in both attracting and retaining community members.

Here are some top tips for engaging and growing your online community:

  • Use the profiling information you have collected from your community. No one wants to answer demographic questions laboriously - only to be screened out of opportunities at the final hurdle.

  • Onboard new community members effectively, show them the value of being a member as soon as you can. 

  • Ensure you’re regularly communicating with the respondents. Offer interesting tasks, that require the respondent to use their imagination and think outside the box.

  • Make it easy for your community to share that they’re a member.

So there you have it, our very own secret sauce to creating, growing and maintaining a highly engaged community.