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Seasonal Events to Inspire Your Next MRX Project

If you’re in market research or marketing, you’ll know that seasonal events dominate our calendars. Key seasons and dates provide millions of companies around the world an opportunity to promote, sell, and enhance customers’ experiences - making their products and services more enjoyable, exciting and current.

For those reasons, us researchers must utilise these events to better understand our customers before, during and after the big plays in our diaries. However, we all know that even ad-hoc research takes some serious planning. Therefore, we thought we’d inspire your next research project well in advance with a calendar of the most anticipated events still to come in 2017.

Use the list of dates below as you please, perhaps they’ll inspire a particular research project, or simply serve as a reminder to add to your calendar. Enjoy!


17th - St. Patrick’s Day
We may be a little late for the ‘planning’ on this one, but it needs a mention. St Patrick’s Day is the day where we analyse our family tree to proclaim our Irish heritage (many do so more credibly than myself). Guinness’s resources are depleted as we indulge in large quantities of the black stuff - supposedly 5.5 million pints are consumed globally on this day alone. But, more importantly, there’s typically a damn good party or two. Infact Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival.

20th - Start of Spring
For many, winter is finally over; the sun starts shining once more. Sadly, the spate of ‘outdoorsy’ spring ads also reminds us that our New Year’s resolution was to get fit. So, without further ado, it’s time to hit our gardens and local parks before panic mode kicks in about the ‘summer bod’ we promised ourselves.


1st - April Fools.
A day to celebrate silliness and play pranks on your coworkers, friends, and family. Perhaps an opportunity to explore the playful side of the modern consumer.

16th - Easter Sunday
Spring is in full swing, and it is the season where most things take egg form. Oversized chocolate eggs are big sellers, and consumers buy them in their droves. Celebrations begin on the 14th (also known as Good Friday), Easter Monday is also a holiday for some and is a favourite for family days out, or simply an opportunity to recover from all the chocolate eggs.


Wedding season starts
Gents get your suits dry cleaned and ready, Ladies prepare your most glamorous dresses - but, proceed with caution, try not outshine the bride and groom.

4th - Star Wars Day
May the fourth be with you. Star Wars fans celebrate their admiration for one of the most popular movies in entertainment history.


Start of Summer
The anticipation grows as your summer edges near. Perhaps you’re holidaying, enjoying having friends over for regular BBQs or maybe just looking forward to the sun’s warmth on your skin. One thing is for sure; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of summer - retailers and travel agents know this too as they tease us with their summer products and hot destinations respectively.

Tube strike season starts
Okay. So this is not an official event… yet. But in recent years it has become more and more of a yearly experience for the people of London, UK. Remember: Keep Calm and Hakuna Matata.

18th - Father’s Day
Along with Mother’s Day, this day is widely celebrated with loved ones to admire and appreciate all father’s hard work and dedication.


Festival season
Festival tickets ✓ Tent ✓ Sleeping bag ✓ Drinks ✓ and if you’re in the UK, rain coat, umbrella and wellies (rain boots) ✓

UK sports season
For all you sports fans, July is an absolute treat, with two iconic British sporting events. Starting with the Championships Wimbledon on 3rd till the final on 16th, which will, unfortunately, clash with the Formula one at Silverstone on 14th-16th. Which will your customers be watching?


4th - 13th - World Athletics Championship
London will be hosting the IAAF and IPC 2017 World Championships. It’ll be London’s biggest sporting event since the 2012 Olympics and with so much at stake, can you afford to miss it?


Late Oktoberfest
Held in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest is the longest festival in the world lasting 16-18 days and celebrated around the world in the same theme. It’s time to dust off the lederhosen before heading to the nearest Bierkeller.


24th - MLB World Series
Okay, there are far too many US sports to feature each individually. So, with the SuperBowl done and dusted, we figured that the start of the billion dollar baseball industry’s World Series would be a good addition. With fans attending games in throngs and regular sponsors like Adobe, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Lexus and more, there is no doubt that the pinnacle of the baseball season will sit on many research project calendars.

31st - Halloween
Whether you Trick or Treat? Wear a costume or not. Halloween is fun for both adults and children and is one of the most popular events in this list. Nowhere celebrates quite like our friends in North America but in recent years global Halloween spend has spiked.


1st - Movember
This date marks the annual event where men attempt to grow extravagant moustaches to raise awareness of the damaging, life-changing impact of cancer - most commonly prostate.

24th - Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving marks one of the largest promotional offers around the world and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. Over the past ten years, companies that take part in Black Friday by offering cut-price deals have seen an overwhelming number of consumers willing to hunt down a bargain.

27th - Cyber Monday
The Monday which follows Thanksgiving is where marketers and brands create campaigns to promote even more online shopping to increase sales further in what is becoming one of the highest-grossing extended weekends for many brands globally.


25th - Christmas Day
We couldn’t make a list without including the Christmas holidays. Although it is the most obvious, it is also the biggest regarding spending on advertising campaigns, product marketing and sales.

31st - New Year’s Eve
A lot of mottoes are thrown about at this time “new year, new you (me)” and New Year’s resolutions are at the forefront of consumers’ minds. This is a huge opportunity to promote a product or service that resonates with users resolutions and future goals, such as fitness and education.

If you enjoyed this calendar, then we have an industry specific one you might like too. Our Market Research Events Guide will give you all the key events you need for brushing up on your research knowledge, wherever you’re located.