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Real People, Raw Video & Inspirational Customer Experience Stories

Shep Hyken, New York Times Hall of Fame Speaker and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author states that “You must deliver an amazing customer experience. Why? It is the competitive edge of new-era-business - in any market and any economy”.

Shep and many experts like him have recognised that 2016 is rapidly shaping up to be the year of the customer.This new focus on the customer also explains why there is a noticeable trend in the press to cover both extremities of positive and negative customer stories. With this in mind, companies are increasingly looking towards improving their customer experience (CX) from a technological and emotional standpoint.

In today’s world, the consumer’s decision to buy and interact with brands is often based on the ability of the brand to create a smooth experience throughout the buyer journey and reward them for both their time and the money they spend.

Some benefits of providing an exceptional customer experience include:

  • Improving the overall brand image.
  • Providing a catalyst for increasing existing customer loyalty.
  • Enhancing the likelihood of brand advocacy through word of mouth.

However, we wonder if it’s the big, sensational experience stories that brands should be targeting with an inspiring social campaign? Or should they focus on the little wins every day that build a volume of core promoters in their customer base?

To gain a better understanding of the emotional factors that improve customer experience we asked our on-demand video community in the US and UK to share their favourite customer service and experience stories.

Watch the video showreel below to reveal some of these stories.

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