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For connecting your business to real people

25 video survey completes

$199 /month

1 User | Unlimited video surveys

25 video survey completes/month

Automated video transcription

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For understanding customer conversations at scale

50 video survey completes

$349 /month

3 Users | Everything in Solo, plus;

Automated video analysis

Custom showreel builder


For powering better decisions for your entire business

125 video survey completes

$649 /month

5 Users | Everything in Team, plus;

Automated showreels

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Gain access to all the Voxpopme platform has to offer with support & collaboration, ideal for large insights teams.

Benefit from unlimited video usage, and a full suite of capture methods including our expanded integration network to incorporate video anywhere you’re collecting feedback. Plus, you’ll be paired up with a dedicated customer success rep for ongoing training and support, access to professional services, and more!

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Connect your business to real people

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Understand customer conversations at scale

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Power better decisions for your entire business

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For global teams with advanced support, security and collaboration needs

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Users 1 3 5 25
Video Survey Completes More information about Video Survey Completes

Video Survey Completes

Each tier includes a maximum number of video survey completes. A complete is defined as answering all included video questions within the video survey.

up to 25 per month up to 50 per month up to 125 per month Custom
Long Format Upload Hours up to 5 per month up to 10 per month up to 25 per month Custom
Video Questions per Survey up to 3 up to 3 up to 3 up to 7
Dedicated Account Manager - - - Voxpopme tick
Whitelabel Account - - - Voxpopme tick
3rd-Party API Access - - - Voxpopme tick
2-Factor Authentication - - - Voxpopme tick


Languages English English English 27 Languages
Access Voxpopme's Influence Community More information about Access Voxpopme's Influence Community

Access Voxpopme's Influence Community

Voxpopme offers on-demand access to 'Influence' a community of double opt-in respondents, ideal for general consumer and foundational research, as well as mobile missions and shopper insights.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Influence Community Video Completes More information about Influence Community Video Completes

Influence Community Video Completes

Add this option to your subscription to get your video responses from Voxpopme's Influence Community in the UK, US, or Australia. You can use this video-ready audience for your full allocation of video survey completes. 

+$150 per month +$300 per month +$750 per month Custom
Use Your Own Audience More information about Use Your Own Audience

Use Your Own Audience

Have your own audience you want to gather response from? Create a video survey link and share it with your customers and users any time.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick


Build Your Own Video Surveys More information about Build Your Own Video Surveys

Build Your Own Video Surveys

Script and launch your own video surveys via our easy-to-use setup wizard.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Upload Existing Video Content More information about Upload Existing Video Content

Upload Existing Video Content

Have customer interview recordings? Footage from focus groups? Upload to the Voxpopme platform to leverage the powerful analytics and uncover key insights.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Zoom Connector More information about Zoom Connector

Zoom Connector

Leverage our Zoom integration to easily send Zoom recordings into the Voxpopme platform with one click.

- Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Embed Video Questions More information about Embed Video Questions

Embed Video Questions

Add video questions to any quantitative survey for deeper insight and a complete understanding of the people you care about most.

- - - Voxpopme tick
Mobile Diary More information about Mobile Diary

Mobile Diary

Assign scheduled tasks and activities, and capture rich in-the-moment feedback on behaviors and everyday rituals.

- - - Voxpopme tick


Transcription More information about Transcription


Leverage real-time transcriptions, turning unstructured video data into insights that can be analyzed quickly and easily.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Insights Dashboard More information about Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard

View high-level summaries of your entire video study, or filter based on demographic and response criteria to get a quick snapshot of your feedback and get to insights faster.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Interactive Data Charts Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Curate Lists More information about Curate Lists

Curate Lists

Add snippets or full responses to custom lists to segment your key findings and begin building engaging and insightful video deliverables.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Tags & Annotations More information about Tags & Annotations

Tags & Annotations

Add tags to individual responses or annotate non-verbal responses for even deeper analysis and segmentation.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Sentiment Scoring Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Automated Theme Coding More information about Automated Theme Coding

Automated Theme Coding

Speed time to decision-making with advanced theme coding, allowing you to uncover key insights instantly.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Custom Theme Builder More information about Custom Theme Builder

Custom Theme Builder

Theme Builder gives you control of video analysis by enabling you to create custom themes for any video you collect in Voxpopme. By pairing human intelligence with automated analytics, you create themes for insights that matter to your business. 

- - Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Translations More information about Translations


Get your response transcripts in both the respondent's spoken language and translated into English.

- - - Voxpopme tick


Download Individual Responses More information about Download Individual Responses

Download Individual Responses

Easily download individual responses to use and share your most compelling feedback and insights.

Included in this plan Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Build Custom Showreels More information about Build Custom Showreels

Build Custom Showreels

Create custom highlight reels to easily convert your feedback into powerful deliverables with intuitive video editing and sharing.

- Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Automated Showreels More information about Automated Showreels

Automated Showreels

Leverage our automated summaries for your entire study, or segmented by demographics and themes, to share insights even faster.

- - Voxpopme tick Voxpopme tick
Export Responses - - - Voxpopme tick

Frequently Asked Questions

The free trial gives you 14 days of access to the Voxpopme platform at zero cost. All trials will give you access to the 14-day equivalent of a Team plan, including: 

  • Unlimited survey creation 
  • 25 video survey completes (from any audience)
  • Up to 25 of your video survey completes from our Influence community
  • Up to 5 hours of video uploads (unlimited file uploads)
  • All Team tier team analysis and editing functionality

Hit try it free on this page to get started today.

Here's a little summary:

  • The Solo plan is ideal for quickly launching video surveys to any audience for your first taste of video feedback. 
  • The Team plan is ideal if you want to scale video feedback and understand customer conversations with advanced, automated analytics.
  • The Pro plan is ideal for taking video to the next level, making it easier to share with your entire company with more video, user seats, and intelligent, automated showreel creation. 
  • Enterprise customers benefit from full platform functionality, dedicated onboarding, training, support and professional services, and more!

Contact us if you need help choosing your tier.

Each video plan is jam-packed with features to help you have customer conversations at scale. So much so that'll you'd be scrolling for eternity if we stacked them on mobile.

So the best way to view the full feature set is on desktop so you can compare plan features side-by-side.