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Invoke Solutions

About Invoke Solutions

Invoke's patented large-scale online research events generate more meaningful insights. You don’t have to accept lackluster findings and bloated timelines. Invoke combines qualitative insights with quantitative data — faster and more economically than ever before.

Their expert researchers sit with you and your colleagues and conduct up to 350 qualitative interviews in a single LIVE event. By participating in the research as it unfolds in real-time, you’ll quickly understand what consumers do, how they feel, and why. Invoke gives you the confidence to make smart business decisions — on time and within budget.

Benefits of Invoke Solutions & Voxpopme

Invoke now offers agile video insight to add depth, context, and customer closeness to bring your ‘Big Qual’ engagements to life and engage stakeholders. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers Invoke the ability to capture, analyze, and share video content with clients at scale, offering even deeper insights than before, in-the-moment.

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