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Fuel Cycle

About Fuel Cycle

FUEL CYCLE is a mobile-first market research and community intelligence platform for supercharging the relationship between brands and customers. From discussion boards and live chats to gamification and rewards management, FUEL CYCLE offers an easily customizable and robust solution for brands and businesses to build high-impact online experiences for their customers.

Benefits of Fuel Cycle & Voxpopme

Obtain the true customer voice from your community with Voxpopme integrated into FUEL CYCLE’s Continuous Research offering. FUEL CYCLE has seen a 700% spike in the volume of videos and images uploaded into their communities platform over the last four years. Voxpopme’s end-to-end, agile video insight platform offers FUEL CYCLE’s clients the ability to capture, analyze, and share that video content at scale, making working with video fast and easy.

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