The speed of online focus groups is how fast?

It’s just efficient on all fronts to conduct focus groups online. And it’s yet faster to do them in an asynchronous manner, meaning that:

  • you ask questions on your time.
  • consumers answer on their time.
  • you’ll get the analysis – including sentiment, key topics and more right there in the Voxpopme video survey platform.

I get that there’s a time and place for in-person focus groups. But the advantage of online focus groups can’t be denied.

  • You can reach a wider group of consumers, no matter their location or availability.
  • Responses are truly personal. You can see their facial expressions as they share their authentic feedback.
  • The analysis is easy and already in a digital format, which makes all aspects of analysis and sharing quick.

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The emergence of video

Mobile and video technology have been changing the way people interact and the way we research.

More people are working with video than ever before. Even before COVID-19, a total of 93 percent of companies were using video for multiple use cases. A year into the pandemic, video communication has become even more prevalent.

Rick Kelly market research technology speedAdvancements in technology mean there’s no longer any need for research to take weeks or months to generate insightful results. In fact, today’s technology advancements mean researchers can uncover complex thoughts and deliver compelling insights faster than ever.

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Using online focus groups allows you to uncover customer stories and get closer to what people really think. From there you can make informed customer-centric decisions.

Not only that, but video for the consumer is fun, quick and easy to use. It allows users to show emotion and express how they feel.

Video research can also fit in around respondents’ busy lives, which means there’s less need for time-consuming traditional research methods. Instead, customers can now share their thoughts and feelings easily at a time that suits them, giving you the data you need to deliver in-depth insights across your entire organization.

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Capture online focus groups in a way that is convenient

Today’s technology and capture solutions of our online focus group software allow you to create the group on your time. From there consumers can answer on their own time. In theory, that could mean they’ll take their time, but they don’t.

Take this online focus group survey I ran for a Valentine’s Day campaign. It took just a few hours to get all the responses I needed. The next day we shared the results with the brands.

Analyze data instantly

There’s no need to wait weeks or even days for videos to be analyzed. Today’s technology means that responses are transcribed within minutes of being recorded and video can be delivered and analyzed shortly thereafter.

Not only that, but your videos can also be filtered and easily searched with interactive charts and word clouds, making it easier than ever before to analyze and explore your online focus group.

Share powerful customer stories

There’s no need to worry about lengthy editing processes because it’s so easy to create your own showreels and share your results.

Today’s technology means that it’s easier than ever before to unlock and share powerful insights.


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