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Need to Know FAQs

Voxpopme makes it quick and simple to setup video questions in any survey, analyse the results and share impactful research. But we get it - you still have some questions you need to ask before you get started. So, here is a short list of FAQs to help you to add video insight to your next project:

Setup Questions:

It’s quick and simple to setup video questions in any survey but here are a few prompts to help you get going…

Q: How long does it typically take to embed Voxpopme into my survey?

A: In most cases your survey can be live within an hour! If you need a helping hand on video setup, we will provide you with all the support needed to embed the video open end into your survey, including best practices and technical tips.

Q: How easy is it for me to embed a video question into my survey?

A: Easier than you think.  Send us your question and we will return a snippet of code that you can drop into any survey platform. That’s it - your video question will simply sit in your survey just like any other question. You can easily setup your own projects in the Voxpopme portal. Each project will generate a new embed code which can then be copied and pasted straight into your survey platform.

Q: What if I don’t have a survey but I want some video feedback?

A: Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can use Voxpopme’s engaged and responsive community for OnDemand video feedback, often delivered in less than an hour.

We know you care about the people on the other end of the survey.  Here’s how we provide a smooth journey for respondents.

Q: Do users have to download something to be able to leave a video response?

A: No. Voxpopme’s capture widget can be embedded directly into your platform. There’s no need for your respondents to leave the survey, or download a separate app. They are simply required to take the survey on a device that has a webcam or built-in camera, giving your respondents the smoothest survey experience.

Q: How can I use the video content I collect?

A: We make it easy to tell your respondents about how their video will be used. Simply confirm whether you are collecting their video to be used internally, for research purposes, shared publicly, or used on your website or social media channels. Our research shows that there is a low impact on opt-in conversion rates when the respondent is told their video may be used externally.

Showreel Questions

We’ve made creating & sharing showreels super intuitive.

Q: Is it quick and easy to make showreels from the video responses?

A: Super easy, and super quick! All video responses have time-coded transcripts so you can simply drag and drop your cursor over any section of a response and add it to your latest showreel in seconds.  Once you have your most insightful snippets compiled just hit generate and you are good to go. Check out our Theme Explorer too - it’s designed to help you analyse your content and create impactful showreels in minutes.

Q: How do I share a showreel?

A: You have options here. You can download your showreel and drop it into your next report or presentation, or alternatively use our platform to set up a private landing page and share your edited showreel using the web link.

Q: What type of format are videos and showreels in?

A: MP4, because it’s compatible with almost every device, software and OS.

Platform Questions

Our platform takes the pain out of video analysis. Use our tools and features to make it simple to explore your video feedback and build it into actionable insight in no time.

Q: How does transcription make video easier to work with, and can you guarantee accuracy?

A: At Voxpopme we use time-coded human transcription, making our output 97% accurate. This foundation underpins our powerful analysis platform and enables you to search themes, explore emotions and create showreels. It’s never been easier to add video to your toolkit!

Q: How can I find the best responses quickly?

A: You have an array of tools at your disposal. Use the search tool to filter responses by date, respondent age, location, or any other variable you’ve passed through to us. Our interactive sentiment charts and word cloud help you to explore responses, or you can go a step further and use Voxpopme’s Theme Explorer.

Q: What is ‘Theme Explorer’? 

A: Theme Explorer uses advanced thematic analysis to organise your video content into keywords and phrases, making your video analysis easier than ever before. Ultimately, this automates the identification of the most important snippets of video and illuminates key findings, saving you time and maximising your video insight and impact.


The golden question ahead of any project.

Q: How much does the Voxpopme service cost?

A: We knew you’d ask, and we’d love to tell you. We just need a few more details to give you an accurate cost - get in touch with us at we’ll get back to you in no time, regarding costs and any other questions you may have!