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Leading voices in Market Research collaborate in Perspectives launch

The leading voices in Market Research have come together as founding contributors of Perspectives - a new initiative designed to offer a one-of-a-kind discourse with insights industry experts via video.

Voxpopme is facilitating this forum for discussion using their video insight platform to collect and share experiences and perspectives from research experts across the world with impactful, visual stories.

The Perspectives vlog sets a single key question per episode. All contributors are asked to individually respond before Voxpopme is used to compile a showreel of the most engaging perspectives into a new episode. The video responses are supported by episode notes and analysis.

Perspectives aims to be a touchpoint and resource for the industry, offering a richer human interaction with the leading voices in market research. For those who want to interact, it’ll be easy to reach out over Twitter or to upload their own video response on the Perspectives vlog here:

Dan Foreman, Former President of ESOMAR, says:

“This is great. It’s the industry putting its money where its mouth is. For too long the industry has talked about the power of video without using it themselves. This initiative brings together some of the strongest, most important opinions and brings them to life in an engaging, visual way”

Fiona Blades, President and CEO of MESH Experience, says:

“Fantastic initiative! It makes views from the movers and shakers in our industry easily accessible to all. It can provide a resource for research and inspiration to attract new talent. Over time it should provide a fascinating archive of perspectives.”


Founding Contributors - Voxpopme is on the lookout for leaders in research to contribute to perspectives but the Twitter list for our founding members can be found here

  1. Baileigh Allen, Director of Customer Insight & Analytics at Brandtrust. Twitter @baileighallen.
  2. Pedro Almeida, Founder & CEO at MindProber. Twitter @Pedro_R_Almeida.
  3. Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer at MESH The Experience Agency. Twitter @FionaMESH.
  4. Andy Buckley, Innovation Director at Join the Dots. Twitter @andybuckers.
  5. Dave Carruthers, Founder and CEO of Voxpopme. Twitter @DaveCarruthers.
  6. Babita Earle, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Zappistore. Twitter @earle_babita.
  7. Dan Foreman, Chairman of the Board at ZappiStore. Twitter @winifredatwell.
  8. Ben Hogg, Managing Director of EMEA at Lucid, LLC Twitter @Sn00pHogg.
  9. Kerry Hecht Labsuirs, Founder and CEO of Echo Qualitative Project Support. Twitter @Kerryhecht.
  10. Nikki Lavoie, Director of MindSpark Research International. Twitter @mindsparklab.
  11. Kristin Luck, Growth Strategist / Global Strategic Advisor. Twitter @kristinluck.
  12. François Pétavy, CEO at eYeka. Twitter @fpetavy.
  13. Annie Pettit, Market Research Trainer and Advisor. Twitter @LoveStats.
  14. Siamack Salari, Head of EthOS. Twitter @SiamackSalari.
  15. Finn Raben, Director General of ESOMAR. Twitter @Finn01.
  16. Rick West, CEO and Co-Founder at Field Agent. Twitter @RickWest01.

Notes to editors:

  1. Perspectives is a community of the leading voices in Market Research vlogging about their insights, experiences and perspectives.
  2. Voxpopme is the world’s #1 video insight platform with an impressive global client list of brands and agencies. We help businesses and brands see the people behind the data to drive real customer-centric decision making. Our unique technology lets you capture customer videos at speed, analyse at scale and share with ease. So every data point you rely on to make decisions can be backed up by the real human story.
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