Success story:

How Wendy’s leverages video insight to bring the consumer to the forefront of brand experience and strategy

Research Challenge

To overcome the pressure to be more effective with fewer resources, Wendy's turned to Voxpopme to deliver high-quality video feedback, faster than ever before. Voxpopme's end-to-end video insight platform provided Wendy's with an agile qualitative solution for conducting a wide array of video-first studies. It also equipped them with automated tools to take the pain out of the analysis and editing of new and existing content.


Wendy's now uses Voxpopme for a broad mixture of short form and long form video insight projects including concept testing, focus group analysis, segmentation studies, menu testing and experience feedback. End-to-end video studies now complete in hours, not weeks, enabling Wendy's to experience an incredible depth of insight at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional qualitative research.


The Voxpopme platform has appeased many of the video pain points previously experienced by Wendy's. By optimizing and automating the capture, analysis and sharing of video, qualitative research is no longer cost-prohibitive and doesn't take forever to complete.

Wendy's now empowers its customers to share deeper, more emotional feedback by conducting qual at the speed of quant. The insight team spends less time managing requests as projects complete quicker and serve up a richer understanding of customers. They also spend less time trying to weave unemotive data into compelling stories because the visual nature of video makes it a more efficient and effective communication tool.

Business Impact

Wendy's is now conducting more qualitative research than ever before, ensuring they capture in-depth insight that has maximum impact when shared. The ease with which video feedback can be socialized ensures the insight discovered reaches every level of the business, from the c-suite to the front line.

In turn, this helps Wendy's keep the consumer top of mind and influence action with engaging insight. Strategic decisions can be taken with a deep understanding of consumers' wants and needs, ensuring the brand delivers incredible products and experiences as they chart their path to becoming the world's most beloved restaurant brand.

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