In-Store / Shelf Testing

Shop alongside your target consumers, without ever leaving your desk

Run remote video shop-alongs and shelf testing to get a front-row seat to the consumer shopping experience. See and hear how consumers are shopping for products, how your products look on the shelf at different retailers, and what's driving purchase and intent from your target audience.

In Store Shelf Testing

In-Store/Shelf Testing, in a Nutshell

See how your consumers are shopping, understand their behavior, and discover what drives purchase and intent. If you want a front-row seat to the consumer shopping experience without the need for an in-person shop along, video in-store testing is for you.

Why Video?

If you want to truly understand shopping behavior, there’s no better way to do so than joining your consumers on a real-life shopping trip. However, in-person shop-alongs can be time-consuming, not to mention location-specific.  They can be pretty tricky to organize too, which is exactly why in-store testing with Voxpopme is so great.

In-store testing allows you to conduct a shop-along study via video, so you can observe how your consumers are shopping in real-time, see how your products are displayed on the shelf at different retailers, and understand how your target audience make purchasing decisions. You can even have a sneak peek at what the competition is up to as well! It’s basically a front-row seat to the shopping experience, without even having to be there.

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