Hybrid Research

Find the "why" behind the "what" with qual in quant

Get more in-depth insight and tell better research stories with hybrid research, easily incorporating qual into your quant. Easily embed video questions within any survey to find each consumer's 'why' and discover actionable feedback at unrivaled speed and scale.

Quant Qual Hybrid

Hybrid Research, in a Nutshell

If you want to power your quantitative feedback with qualitative insights to tell the complete customer story and bring your results to life, a hybrid research approach is ideal.

Why Video?

“What” just doesn’t cut it anymore - in today’s world, brands need to understand the “why” behind people’s decisions. Sure, text-based responses add a lot of value, but people are getting tired of them: not only are they cumbersome and time-consuming, but it’s also hard to portray emotion via text. So what’s the solution?

Hybrid research surveys give you a different option by allowing you to easily embed video questions within any quantitative survey, so your customers feel as if they are really being listened to. By replacing traditional text open-end responses with video research, you can generate richer, more contextual responses and provide a narrative which truly brings your research to life. All this means you can access in-depth insights, tell true customers stories, and analyze results at scale.

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