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How to do qualitative video market research without the fuss

Did you know that more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute? Or that a staggering 10 billion videos are watched and shared on Snapchat each and every day?

Video touches all aspects of our lives, and as apps like Instagram Stories hit 300 million daily active users, people are becoming more and more confident communicating via video - which means that the use of video will continue to grow in popularity.

AdobeStock_84638039Why is it so popular? Because video is by far the most powerful way for people to provide real human feedback - which also makes it a fantastic tool for businesses to see how their customers truly feel about their brand, products and services. And despite many researchers previously being put off using video due its reputation of being cumbersome and time consuming, thanks to today’s technology video can actually deliver unbeatable insights without the fuss.

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Why you should be using video

Mobile and video technology is changing the way we research. More and more people are working with video than ever before, with 93% of companies using video for multiple use cases and 94% agreeing that video will become even more important across all departments in the future. Advancements in technology mean there’s no longer any need for research to take weeks or months to generate insightful results - in fact, today’s technology advancements means researchers can uncover complex thoughts and deliver compelling insights faster than ever before.

Using video to uncover real human stories means you can give context to your data, get closer to what people really think and make informed customer-centric decisions. Not only that, but video also helps boost respondent engagement because it’s fun, quick and easy to use and allows users to show emotion and express how they feel. Video research can also fit in around respondents’ busy lives, which means there’s less need for time consuming traditional research methods. Instead customers can now share their thoughts and feelings easily at a time that suits them, giving you the data you need to deliver in-depth insights across your entire organisation.

Capture data in a way that works for you

The days of recording your respondents face-to-face are long gone. Today’s technology and capture solutions blur the lines between quantitative and qualitative market research a so you can capture content in a way that meets your own specific needs. From embedding video into surveys to allow video responses on any device to using on-demand apps to capture hundreds of videos in less than an hour, or even offline solutions that allow users to capture data without an internet connection - there’s a solution out there for every type of respondent and every single project. Find out more here.

Analyse data instantly

There’s no need to wait days or even weeks for videos to be analysed anymore - today’s technology means that responses can be transcribed within minutes of being recorded and video can be delivered and analysed in just a matter of hours, whether it’s short or long-form content. Not only that, but your videos can also be filtered and easily searched with interactive charts and word clouds, making it easier than ever before to analyse and explore your content.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 16.31.11It gets better: automated theme coding also allows you to identify what themes matter the most to your customers and takes you straight to the snippets where that theme is mentioned, whilst sentiment analysis enables you to understand the sentiment behind every sentence and theme so you can categorise your content by your respondents’ feeling. All of this means you can reduce the analysis burden of traditional video. There’s no need to trawl through footage desperately looking for answers - instead the answers are right in front of you, so you can spend less time watching and re-watching content, and more time telling stories. Find out more here.

Share powerful customer stories

There’s no need to worry about lengthy editing processes anymore either because it’s so easy to create your own showreels and share your results. Tools such as drag and drop snippet creation mean it’s easy to assemble insightful footage into showreels, and you can even use auto-generated themes to group together clips about specific topics. You can also easily review and re-order snippets to make sure your most persuasive insights are the centre of attention - and if that wasn’t enough, you can also customise your story to include your logo, colour scheme and any images you want so that it’s completely on brand. It’s also simple to embed your showreels into presentations or share them via email, which means you can get your stories in front of the people that matter - and fast.<

Although researchers have historically been hesitant to utilize the power of video, today’s technology means that it’s easier than ever before to unlock and share powerful insights. Voxpopme offers an end-to-end video research solution that delivers versatile capture solutions, world-class analytics and powerful stories, easily - so if you’d like to find out more, contact us today for a free demo.