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"Videos coming out of those interviews are incredibly compelling..."

"because they bring so much more colour and depth to life than..."

"a close-ended survey would be and they're just as fast as a close-ended survey."

"It used to be that to set up a proper ethnography, it could take 3-4 weeks."

"Now you can also do that in hours and days so we're literally talking about..."

"from weeks and months to hours and days. That time in between..."

"allows you to make decisions quicker, or iterate more..."

"and by iterating more, you get it better before you move it forward."

"We got more authentic responses because we are meeting them where they are..."

"It's like we are getting a glimpse into their lives, being brought into their homes through video."

"Which was really a great way to gather these learnings and insights."

"To see the consumers interacting with, or talking live about your products."

"As an outsider looking in, seeing what they are doing, and hearing about..."

"them cleaning in their own language was incredibly invaluable."

"The big thing is how do we connect the what with the why..."

"using real human beings in a fast in-expensive and quick way."

"Even a 30 second snippet can stick with you. There are certain phrases and terminology..."

"that people and senior management hear that tend to stick with them and become part of their narrative."

"I do think that video is quite helpful, and is actually increasing the impact of our research."

"And it isn't a 30 slide PowerPoint presentation, its something very real and visual."

"It's been extremely useful to have this video solution..."

"to help us stay close to consumers in a world where we cant talk to them in person."

"Or we might not feel it's appropriate to have one on one conversations with them."

"Once my feedback started coming in it was very easy to look at and analyze."

"Then quickly put together a showreel that I could put into my survey..."

"so that when I presented the results out. We could actually..."

"add the consumers' voice, in his or her's own words."

Most companies are completely disconnected from their customers, and it's costing them

It shouldn’t be so hard to understand and amplify your customers' voice. Traditional research methods make it difficult to foster connection with the people you care about the most. Improve their experiences with your brands and products with Voxpopme.

Launch video surveys in minutes

Ask a series of questions to the right people. They answer with video. Easy for them. Meaningful to you.

Find truths quickly and easily with automated analytics

Understand the deeper meaning behind responses. Quickly explore automated themes, transcription, and data analysis to understand the key truths that matter, directly from consumers.

Share powerful human insights that engage and inspire

The majority of executives prefer video, according to Forbes. Make it easy for stakeholders by sharing automatically created highlight reels that present key learnings in your customers' own words.

Empower your decisions with greater empathy

Drive customer-centricity to the heart of your business. Deliver understanding that fills the empathy gap in your business with video.
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