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Video feedback is rich in depth and context, and can add exponential value to your research program. Explore the benefit of our technology here.


Benefits of Your Voxpopme Subscription

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Automated video analytics allow you to easily uncover real consumer stories, instantly

Human Transcription

Fast, accurate human transcription sets a solid foundation for automated analytics

Automated Themes

Spend less time searching for answers and more time telling better stories with automated theme coding

Sentiment Scoring

Categorize video content by respondents’ true feelings with powerful sentiment scoring, powered by IBM Watson

Library of Human Insights

Library of Human Insights

Tap into a database for all your qualitative insights, captured both online and off, for a searchable library of human insights

Transcript Search & Filter

Search video transcripts by keyword or filter by key demographics and additional data

Cross-Project Search

Search across video projects to uncover trends from past and present

Unlimited Projects

Incorporate video across all methodologies to reveal deep qualitative insights throughout the entire product and creative lifecycles

Empower your Entire Team

Empower your Entire Team

Put the power of engaging consumer stories into your entire teams’ hands with easy-to-use video editing

Automated Summaries

Watch and share automated summaries around key themes to bring your research to life in just a few clicks

Custom Showreels

Want to create your own custom deliverables?  In-app video editing tools make it easy to clip together your most powerful findings

Share Insights Easily

Generate custom video landing pages, embed in presentations, or share via email for maximum impact

Get started with a 60 day unlimited pilot

60 day pilot

To truly explore the unique use cases for video feedback, see how Voxpopme can support your research objectives, and determine which tier works best for you, we offer a 60 day unlimited video pilot.

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