Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews (IDIs)

Take the pain out of video analysis and editing

With Voxpopme's platform, any video can be easily analyzed and shared with internal stakeholders. Free up your day by uploading long-format videos like IDIs and Focus Groups into the Voxpopme platform for automated analysis, tagging, segmenting, cataloging, and editing.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups & IDIs, in a Nutshell

Traditional in-person qualitative research is a key approach for most researchers.  But one of the biggest challenges faced by those researchers is the analyzing and sharing of findings for those in-person engagements. 

Get more out of your in-person engagements by uploading video footage into the Voxpopme platform for advanced analytics and sharing capabilities. 

Why Video?

We all know that focus groups and IDIs are a great way to access qualitative insights. However, the biggest challenge is in the analysis.  Those in-person engagements require either rigorous note-taking and observation, or recording video footage that is historically cumbersome to analyze. But not anymore. By uploading long-format video footage into the Voxpopme platform, you can benefit from automated analysis, tagging, segmenting, cataloguing, and more

What does that mean? Well, by freeing up your internal resources, you can easily analyze video footage from in-person qualitative engagements and get more from your research. Not only that, but because you can quickly create showreels that can be shared with your stakeholders for maximum impact, you can tell real customer stories and start to drive real change.