Ethnographic Research

Take a step into the consumer's world

Conduct digital ethnographic research to better understand consumer behaviors in their own environment without the cost and clumsiness of in-person methods. With agile video, you can create ongoing tasks and ask questions about behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions to step into the consumer's world.


Video Ethnography, in a Nutshell

Ethnographic research is a fantastic way to understand what people think, feel and do in their natural environment. In video-based ethnography, the consumer becomes the researcher, completing tasks and recording videos that showcase what they are thinking and feeling via mobile, so you can get a snapshot into their everyday lives without needing to be there in person.

Why Video?

Video enables you to understand the context of consumer behavior, and see events and moments as and when they happen for instant real-time insights. Video-based ethnography allows you to create ongoing tasks and ask questions about behaviors and attitudes so you can understand product usage, shopping preferences, and more. And it’s faster and cheaper than in-person methods, too.

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