The day you added video to your surveys…

You may have noticed the rise of consumer recorded video all around us. But, how on earth do you begin using such a valuable type of content to enhance your research?

Heading out into the social streams of millions seems like a daunting way to find relevant insights about your brand – let alone a precise aspect of your latest advertisement, product launch, customer service or positioning.

Never fear, you can take control of video feedback and request it on your terms. Use video to explore the subjects that matter to you and make significant decisions.

How? With a simple plugin, you can add video questions to any survey, community, web page or mobile app to introduce consumers to the video open-end. This engaging question type lets respondents share their thoughts in an expressive, emotional way, recording video responses straight from their chosen digital device. When you distribute these self-recorded responses in your business, they deliver customers’ stories with unparalleled impact.

The best news is that there isn’t a laborious process of getting started. You can add video to your research studies today, like hundreds of researchers before you.


The video open-end is a versatile question. Have a think about where it will have the most impact. Is your omnibus in need of a refresh? Or your brand tracker not having the desired influence? Perhaps you want to add another layer of insight to your CSAT survey or a visual narrative to your next NPS score.

The general rule to keep in mind here is; if you can ask it online, you can add video to it. Pick one study, and you could even replace an existing text-based open-end with a video question to compare video feedback to legacy text comments.


Picked your study? Great, now you’ll need a video insight platform that can help with the setup. At Voxpopme, our process is to work with you to refine your chosen question to ensure it’s a good fit for video.

In minutes, we’ll get your question code to you. It’s a few lines of code that drops into any survey during scripting. It sits in the survey like any other question. And no, there are no redirects and no bouncing respondents between URLs.

Sure you can get as clever as you like here by passing data or setting up multi-market and multilingual studies but those are discussions for future blog posts.


You’ve added your video question but still, feel a little apprehension about hitting that big red launch button.

We get it, launching a new question into a tried and tested survey seems like a leap of faith. Offset this with some dry runs. You can complete the full survey, including the video response to see that it’s as easy as any other study. Respondents can even opt out and leave text feedback if video isn’t for them.


Happy? Left those test videos? Okay, let’s go for it. Launch your study and watch the video responses roll in.

You’ll collect hundreds of compelling videos that increase the level of insight you get from your customers. They will deliver real stories and that all-important call to action in your next board meeting. And the greatest news, you didn’t even have to overhaul any of your existing studies or launch a new survey (although the latter is another avenue to explore).

So what’s next? It’s time to analyze all your video feedback at scale using automated video analysis tools and instantly share your most poignant insights with colleagues.

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