Do These 5 Things and Become a Voxpopme Power User

As many of you already know, Voxpopme is an agile video solution that strives to make video insight easy and scalable through our market-leading technology. This has always been the aim for the team at Voxpopme. In the three years since I joined the company, the tools that take the pain out of working with video have evolved far quicker than I ever anticipated.

What was once a company with a video insight app community has transformed into a complete end-to-end video solution. We’re now delivering video insight for researchers across the globe with an array of flexible capture solutions. And these same researchers are extracting more value from this large volume of video with our advanced analytics and intuitive editing capabilities.

The pace of change is fast, and keeping up with all the technical updates at an advancing software company is a big ask. So, rather than overload you all with every intricate detail of the platform, I wanted to make your lives easier by giving you the five power plays that will turn you into an agile video ninja. Take a couple of minutes to read this article to become the video power user that gets more profound insights with the tools at your disposal.

#1 – Capture Tools: A million ways to do video…choose one

It all starts with the capture tools. And, like the first time you meet the in-laws, the path to video research stardom is all about getting off on the right foot. Knowing your video capture solutions is the all-important first step to equipping your research toolkit with versatile video solutions that you can lean on when real customer stories are needed.

Technology has evolved video into something of a quant/qual hybrid for the modern researcher. By getting to know the Voxpopme capture solutions, you can select the one that best suits your research priorities, regardless of your discipline…

  • Embed – Simply add video open-ends to any new or existing survey to capture feedback from any consumer device.
  • On-demand Communities – With our mobile app communities, you can capture hundreds of videos from your target audience – including analysis – in less than an hour.
  • Upload – Whether you have short video open-ends or lengthy focus groups and IDIs, you can use our simple uploader or API to get your existing content into the platform for analysis.
  • Offline App – Voxpopme’s offline solution allows the seamless collection of video in environments with no connection. Once the capture is finished, sync back to the platform when an internet connection is established.
  • Moments App – Voxpopme’s newest app gives you an agile video diary tool. Moments provides you with the chance to pre-set video tasks spread across days or even weeks, for moment-in-time experiences, pre-group homework tasks, in-home product experiences and more.
  • As you can see, the days of limited recording options are long gone. This robust suite of capture solutions blurs the lines between quant and qual, so now we can all get video content in a way that matches our specific needs.

#2: Responses View: Introducing the cornerstone

When you begin looking into any of your video projects, the first port of call is Responses View – the home of all the videos relating to the project you’ve selected. It’s easy to see Responses View as the bread and butter of analysis, but it is also the cornerstone of Voxpopme. Those entirely new to video analysis may even take it for granted. For the rest of us, who’ve manually transcribed and time-coded video content, the tools underpinning responses view are nothing short of miraculous.

If you understand just two core features in Responses View, then you’re set to find insights faster than the average bear, and you have the foundation in place for power user status.

Feature 1. Transcription technology – lightning quick, time-coded human transcription is available just minutes after a response is recorded. This ‘small’ step powers all that comes after it, from the simple word cloud to advanced features like thematic coding, sentiment analysis and snippet creation for showreels. Get to know those beautiful transcriptions and use them for step two.

Feature 2. Advanced search and filter – Now you’re comfortable with transcription you can instantly explore your results. Filtering and searching by date range, keyword, age, gender, custom tags and any other data that you’ve passed through to Voxpopme will help you discover critical insights in a matter of seconds.

Now that we’ve got the cornerstone in place, it’s time to get advanced.

#3 – Theme Explorer: So much more than a word cloud


If you want to become a true Voxpopme power user then Theme Explorer is a surefire way to get to the top of the class. It will save you stacks of time by searching for consistent themes and topics in your video feedback.

But isn’t it just a word cloud? Hell no!

We get it, word clouds are easy on the eye and have their place, but Theme Explorer gives you so much more. It’s an advanced thematic analysis tool, which instantly identifies the keywords and phrases from your video project, and takes you straight to the video snippets where respondents mention your chosen theme. At a glance, you can see how many mentions a specific theme has and by how many different respondents – helping you recognize just how big a deal that specific topic is to your customers.

Ultimately, with Theme Explorer, you can spend less time searching for answers and more time telling better stories. If you want to get even smarter in your approach, you can automatically put entire themes into showreels within Theme Explorer.

#4 – Sentiment Analytics: Stop scratching the surface


The biggest addition to the Voxpopme platform in recent weeks is our advanced sentiment analysis. Before this, version 1.0 of sentiment analysis simply applied a positive, negative or neutral sentiment to full videos in the platform – decorating them with a smiley, or frowny face. It helped to filter, but when even a single video can have an abundance of both positive and neutral feelings more was needed.

So, version 2.0 was born, putting sentence-level sentiment in your hands. Powered by IBM Watson, it’s like the sophisticated big brother of our original sentiment analytics, designed to help you categorise video content by respondents’ true feelings.


You can understand the sentiment behind every single sentence, in every response. And if you’re planning on becoming a genuine power user you can combine the wonders of Theme Explorer with Sentiment Analytics. This will serve up the sentiment at a theme level to see where your brand delights your customers.

#5 – Showreel Generator: Share the real human story in your next presentation

Showreel Generator is the pièce de résistance if you want to become a master storyteller in the world of market research. If you’ve spent any time exploring Voxpopme, then you know that you can create snippets, add them to lists and create shareable showreels out of your content.

That’s a great start, but we’re here to create power users. Voxpopme’s Showreel Generator gives you the opportunity to fully customize your showreels, so get ready to:

  • Add image slides to stamp your brand’s look and feel on every showreel
  • Add text frames to build a narrative that impacts in the boardroom
  • Overlay subtitles and captions for added info
  • Re-order and refine snippets to craft the perfect story
  • Add music to professionalize your showreel.

With these simple additions, you can skip the queue for the video editing team and get your latest customer stories in front of the key stakeholders in your business. That rounds off our 5 top tips for becoming a Voxpopme power user and all round bonafide video insight expert. Now it’s over to you to find and share stories with your new-found knowledge.

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