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Ad Testing: John Lewis – The Man on the Moon

Rebecca Jackson - 10/11/2015

Last week the festive season kicked off with the arrival of the annual John Lewis Christmas advert, and the fight to have the best Christmas advert has now begun. Which means it’s incredibly important to understand how your advert has been perceived by your customer communities. At Voxpopme, we run advert testing for a number […]

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GIV poster  

Putting HIV out there: NGO Life Support Group & Ogilvy Brazil

Isobel Doster - 18/05/2015

The NGO Life Support Group and Ogilvy Brazil (GIV) have launched a new awareness campaign in an attempt to dispel some of the prejudice and misconceptions associated with HIV. Stark, white posters with vivid red text have been strung up around the city of São Paulo. Each poster contains a drop of HIV positive blood. […]

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Cancer research advert  

Ad Review: Cancer Research UK “The Lump”

Isobel Doster - 23/03/2015

In a poignant new television campaign for Cancer Research UK busy shoppers are shown bustling about their everyday business oblivious to a rapidly growing lump that is penetrating the high-street. In the minute-long advert the lump swells from a football-like bulge to the size of an igloo. It is walked over, driven over and consciously skirted around […]

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Kia: ‘You Make Us Make Better Cars’

Isobel Doster - 25/02/2015

In January South Korean automotive company, Kia, launched a series of new television advertisements that were notably different from traditional the adverts produced by other car brands. Driven by Kia’s slogan, ‘You Make Us Make Better Cars’, the adverts attempt to shift the focus from the products onto the consumers. With this in mind, we decided that […]

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could your gym membership offer more value  


Rebecca Jackson - 20/01/2015

#ThisGirlCan is a national campaign developed by Sport England, showcasing and encouraging sport amongst women. Research conducted by Sport England revealed that there are 2 million fewer active women than men in the UK. “It’s a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they […]

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McDonald's lovin ad  

Are you lovin’ it?: A new look for McDonald’s adverts in 2015

Isobel Doster - 08/01/2015

Voxpopme gives you a voice, with major brands waiting to hear from, download Voxpopme and get paid for your opinions today. Hoping that 2015 will be a new year with new you? McDonald’s certainly are. They began the year with the launch of a new television advertisement. The advert marks the beginning of the renowned fast-food […]

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Brand Review: John Lewis  

Monty the Penguin – The John Lewis Christmas Advert

Rebecca Jackson - 07/11/2014

John Lewis have released their Christmas advert for 2014 featuring the loveable penguin Monty. The advert has already created a stir with the #montythepenguin trending on Twitter and the penguin themed products selling out across the John Lewis’s website. The Christmas advert was created by the ad agency Adam&EveDDB and they had a lot to […]

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Ad Review: Chanel No.5

Rebecca Jackson - 28/10/2014

Chanel have released a new advert for their iconic perfume No.5. The advert tells a tale of a modern women juggling her career and her relationships with being a mother. The advert is more like a short film with a longer 3 minute version available to watch online. We wanted to know how our panel […]

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nestle fitness  

Ad Review: Nestle Fitness – Breast Cancer awareness

Rebecca Jackson - 15/10/2014

The cereal brand Nestle Fitness released an entertaining advert with a serious message. The advert shows a women going about her day with a camera placed inside her bra. The secret footage captures lots of people through out the day including other women and children taking a sneaky peek at the women’s breasts. The advert […]

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