Non-Purchaser Feedback – the holy grail for retail CX?

Voxpopme works extensively in the Voice of Customer space, and I’m always struck by how many of our retail clients only capture feedback from customers who actually make a purchase. This opens up a big gap in their data.

Typically, Voice of Customer data is collected through surveys that paying customers are prompted to take either through paper receipts or post-purchase email invitations. For many companies, this is a completely acceptable solution as they simply don’t have a large percentage of non-purchasers. When was the last time you went to Starbucks and didn’t come out with at least a coffee? However, for many stores, the percentage of visitors who leave a store empty-handed is >25%, and for some verticals – like Electronics, Fashion, and Luxury – this can be in excess of 50%. These non-purchasing customers are the people insight misses – we simply don’t hear from them.

So we started to look at how we could deliver a better understanding of this non-purchasing group. By leveraging our technology, we can provide rich insight that helps our clients reduce non-purchaser percentages and significantly impact their revenues.

Our Non-Purchaser Feedback program combines geo-location data, surveys, and video. Survey invitations are triggered by store visits, using both GPS data and store dwell-time to get feedback immediately after the customer experience. Before being invited to the survey, the user completes a few screening questions to validate whether they visited the store and if they made a purchase.

We suggest that the survey itself is around 5-7 minutes in length and that it should contain a mixture of your standard VoC program questions/metrics alongside additional questions to understand what is driving this non-purchasing behavior.

The final part of the survey asks the consumer to record a short video response talking about their in-store experience, why they visited the store and why they chose not to purchase. The video provides incredible insight into this lost revenue opportunity, and Voxpopme’s platform makes the analysis of this content fast and easy.

By understanding the key drivers of non-purchaser behavior, companies can drive real change and increase revenue across their store locations. Even a 5-10% reduction in non-purchasers can be worth millions of dollars.

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