7 TED Talks Every Market Researcher Needs To Watch

We’ve drawn up a list of 7 fantastic TED Talks that every market researcher should watch at least once! From industry professionals, to experienced marketers, and even a physician.
Discover tools, tricks and essential info to truly understand your consumers and be successful in the market research industry.

1. Malcolm Gladwell has to take the top spot in our article. This fantastic TED Talk is all about offering consumers choice, and by offering more you can increase the amount of underlying consumer needs you are fulfilling. Choice means happiness. It’s not about creating the best ‘Pepsi’, it’s about creating the best ‘Pepsi’s’. Different consumers have different tastes, discover why putting your consumers into broad segments can effect your ability to sell more.

2. Customers want an authentic experience, but how can customisation be scalable? Take a look at this great TED Talk from Joseph Pine, the author of “Mass Customization”, who explains how selling authenticity, to consumers that crave it, is tough because there’s no such thing. He talks about the progression of economic value, and a few company experiences that may be artificial but make millions anyway.

3. John Gerzema makes the case for positive change as an outcome of the consumer crisis. In this TED talk he outlines the major cultural shifts that have driven new consumer behaviour, and how to connect with ‘thoughtful spending’. Micro-payments, variable costs and variable living are elements of the new consumer.

4. Every bad customer experience is an opportunity to create a better relationship with your customer. Renny Gleeson talks us through great, and not so great, 404 examples. He claims that little things done right matter, and it is in-fact great and well designed moments that make brands.

5. Clues to telling a great story, from the creator of Toy Story and Wall-e, Andrew Stanton. Stanton gives an incredibly interesting TED Talk about good story telling, explaining that a truly great story connects the past, present and future experiences. There is nothing that is more powerful than raw emotion when it comes to story telling. This is an essential watch for any market researcher. Enable your customers to tell their story in order to understand what they’re are passion about, and how they really feel towards your brand, product or service.

6. Sheena Iyengar gives her opposing opinion to Malcolm Gladwell, and that’s exactly why we’ve included her! More choice is great, it fulfils the needs of more and more consumers. But what about when there’s too much choice? When the olive oil section is flooded with over 70 different varieties? Sheena argues that by offering consumers too much choice, you are actually putting them off the purchase. There is too much for customers to take in, and therefore discourages consumers from spending.

7. Last, but by no means least, is this TED Talk from Steven Johnson. Who believes that ideas are normal credited to individual “Eureka!” moments. However Steven Johnson argues that it is much more than that. Getting great ideas from employees, innovators and even your customers is about connecting people. By connecting people you enable ideas to be shared, spread and connected. For market researchers, it is important to connect on a personal level with your customers in order to spread their ideas.